Wet-sea­son road safety

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With two cy­clones and plenty of rain un­der our belts al­ready this wet sea­son, it’s a timely re­minder to drive to the con­di­tions you’re in.

Make sure your tyres have at least the min­i­mum re­quired 1.5mm of tread depth — about the thick­ness of a match head.

Your tyres are the only thing keep­ing your ve­hi­cle in con­tact with the road sur­face.

Make sure they are the cor­rect size and fit for your ve­hi­cle and that they are in­flated cor­rectly.

This in­for­ma­tion can be found in the ve­hi­cle’s hand­book.

En­sure your wind­screen is clean and test the con­di­tion of your wiper blades.

The blades should re­move the wa­ter from the wind­screen and should not smear or miss patches.

If they are not up to scratch, re­place them.

Make sure that all lights, in­clud­ing head­lights, brake lights, in­di­ca­tor lights and park­ing lights, are op­er­at­ing cor­rectly.

If your lights are not work­ing prop­erly, other driv­ers may not be able to see you or you may not see haz­ards on the road in front.

Here are the top 10 tips for driv­ing in the wet:

Don’t drive if you don’t need to. Main­tain a safe dis­tance. Be pa­tient. Keep your eyes on the road. Brake and ac­cel­er­ate softly. Avoid large pud­dles. Stay in­formed and plan your jour­ney.

Obey signs and if the road is closed, do not pro­ceed. Turn your head­lights on. Slow down. Even the most care­ful driver may end up find­ing them­selves skid­ding in the wet con­di­tions. If you do, don’t panic.

Con­tinue to look and steer in the di­rec­tion in which you want the car to go and avoid slam­ming on the brakes be­cause it will only make it worse.

Stay safe and drive to the con­di­tions so you and your fam­ily get home in one piece this wet sea­son.

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