In­cred­i­ble In­dia

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It is sa sfy­ing at my age to have ful­filled a long term wish that I thought may never hap­pen. In Goa, In­dia, lies the body of the great­est mis­sion­ary since Apos­tolic mes, Saint Fran­cis Xavier. My pil­grim­age there re­cently to his tomb was a most won­der­ful mo­ment for which I am grate­ful. To be among so many other pil­grims at the Shrine, with two In­dian pri­ests from the Kim­ber­ley Mis­sion, was a priv­i­leged ex­pe­ri­ence that will re­main firmly in my mind and heart. The ad­ver se­ment on our tele­vi­sion that boldly rec­om­mends the na on of In­dia to trav­ellers uses the term “In­cred­i­ble In­dia”. It is a most apt slo­gan that de­scribes the sub-con nent per­fectly in all its di­ver­sity, beauty, colour and faith. Apart from a plethora of those phys­i­cal a ributes that ex­cite tourists, such as ar­chi­tec­ture and food for ex­am­ple, In­dian so­ci­ety also has deeply imbed­ded into its psy­che a faith fac­tor that is en­gag­ing and at once won­drous. Com­pared to the ap­pallingly plas c, te­dious and ba­nal man­ner of most of mod­ern Aus­tralia, In­dia has a com­plex depth that is exci ng and upli ing. The faith and devo on of peo­ples ever present in In­dian cul­ture is a de­ligh ul gi to a world­view ca­pa­ble of en­rich­ing us all. I came away most posi vely af­fected by my me in In­dia but also I was alert to the chal­lenges that pop­u­lous coun­try faces. Wealth and poverty sit side by side in an out­stand­ing way while the poli cs of the coun­try is con­fus­ing and com­pli­cated, at least to out­siders. In Ker­ala with Fa­ther Robi and near Hy­der­abad with Fa­ther John Bosco I was priv­i­leged to meet their re­spec ve fam­i­lies and to en­joy such mo­ments as las ng gi s which I shall savour. I am in­debted to the care and com­pan­ion­ship those pri­ests and others have given to me. Will I go to In­dia again? Yes, most cer­tainly. The kind­ness and the hos­pi­tal­ity of the peo­ple I met there was over­whelm­ing and de­ligh ully mem­o­rable. So was the demon­stra on of faith among so many of the pop­u­lace. These two prime pic­tures- one of hos­pi­tal­ity, one of faith- sit firmly with me in deep­est gra tude. In­cred­i­ble In­dia.

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