What the stars say about 2019

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The lu­nar eclipse (on Jan­uary 21) her­alds a dra­matic year for love. Fe­bru­ary is a fab­u­lous time to travel with your part­ner. But your ro­man­tic life looks rocky in July, not an ideal time to make im­por­tant de­ci­sions about mat­ters of the heart. Sin­gles, in April and May true love could be as close as the boy or girl next door. LOOT & LUCK The in­ter­net and luck are linked in 2019 and your pub­lic pro­file could sud­denly take off via the clever use of so­cial me­dia. A tweet, blog post, video or pod­cast could reach a wider au­di­ence. As­tute Aquar­i­ans will find nu­mer­ous ways to mon­e­tise lucky op­por­tu­ni­ties. But avoid be­ing im­pul­sive and buy­ing bigticket items in Fe­bru­ary. LIFE­STYLE With Saturn, Pluto and three eclipses high­light­ing your hu­man­i­tar­ian zone, many Aquar­i­ans will be­come in­volved in vol­un­teer work as you help the old, sick, home­less or dis­ad­van­taged. You’ll feel ex­tra rest­less in 2019, as Jupiter and Uranus stir up your gypsy gene. FA­MOUS AQUAR­I­ANS Oprah Win­frey, Bob Mar­ley, Ellen De­Generes. NEW YEAR MOTTO “Do your best to make a dif­fer­ence. Not only in your own life but also in other peo­ple’s lives.” Oprah Win­frey


Love and lust are on the menu for at­tached Bulls in 2019, when your sex drive soars. Jan­uary, Fe­bru­ary and De­cem­ber are ter­rific months to travel with your part­ner, prefer­ably to an ex­otic for­eign des­ti­na­tion. Sin­gles, don’t sit around wait­ing for true love to knock on your door. Fe­bru­ary, May and June are fab­u­lous months to flirt up a storm. LOOT & LUCK Lucky Jupiter is mov­ing through your money-from-oth­ers zone (un­til De­cem­ber 2) so you could ben­e­fit from a favour, free­bie, pay rise, in­her­i­tance, gift, bumper tax re­turn, set­tle­ment or su­per­an­nu­a­tion pay­out. Then, from De­cem­ber 3 on­wards, there’s money to be made via pub­lish­ing, ed­u­ca­tion, travel, busi­ness trips, in­ter­na­tional con­tacts, im­ports or ex­ports. LIFE­STYLE 2019 is the year when you can re­ally stand out from the crowd and make a strong im­pres­sion. The more au­then­ti­cally you ex­press your per­son­al­ity, tal­ents and creativ­ity, the more suc­cess­ful you’ll be. Saturn, Pluto and four eclipses ac­ti­vate your ed­u­ca­tion zones. FA­MOUS TAUREANS Cher, Ge­orge Clooney. NEW YEAR MOTTO “All of us in­vent our­selves. I’ve al­ways taken risks and I’ve never wor­ried about what the world might think of me.” Cher


The so­lar and lu­nar eclipses (in Jan­uary and July) could stir up hid­den ten­sions, par­tic­u­larly if one of you has been put­ting work be­fore the re­la­tion­ship. It’s best to bring these prob­lems up into the light of day. Cupid’s ar­row is most likely to strike sin­gles in Fe­bru­ary, May or June, when you’re at­tracted to a ten­der Taurus or a car­ing Cancer. LOOT & LUCK Be very care­ful about money mat­ters in Jan­uary and July when the lu­nar eclipse and ret­ro­grade Mer­cury scram­ble your fi­nan­cial an­ten­nae. The luck­i­est month of 2019 is De­cem­ber, when pros­per­ity planet Jupiter ac­ti­vates your per­sonal and good for­tune zones. LIFE­STYLE Saturn presents some se­ri­ous chal­lenges in 2019. Ac­tiv­i­ties like yoga, con­tem­pla­tion, med­i­ta­tion and jour­nalling are favoured, as Jupiter jour­neys through your spir­i­tual zone. The pos­i­tive Saturn/Nep­tune con­nec­tions (in Jan­uary, June and Novem­ber) are fab­u­lous for tak­ing a spe­cial dream and spin­ning it into re­al­ity. FA­MOUS CAPRICORNS Dolly Par­ton, Bradley Cooper, Julia Louis-Drey­fus. NEW YEAR MOTTO “The way I see it, if you want the rain­bow, you’ve got to put up with the rain.” Dolly Par­ton


Re­la­tion­ships will be “steady as she goes” in 2019, which could be an is­sue for adren­a­line-ad­dicted Rams. If you are at­tached, do all you can to re­boot a stale part­ner­ship or fix a frus­trat­ing prob­lem. Sin­gles, with Venus vamp­ing through your sign (from April 21 un­til May 15), you’ll be at your be­witch­ing best as you at­tract ad­mir­ers like moths to a flame. LOOT & LUCK Travel and luck are linked in 2019, when you could ben­e­fit from an in­ter­na­tional con­nec­tion. Jan­uary and Fe­bru­ary are par­tic­u­larly good months to tap into your en­tre­pre­neur­ial side. But avoid gam­bling, real es­tate spec­u­la­tion and joint fi­nan­cial ven­tures in July and Novem­ber. LIFE­STYLE Jan­uary and Fe­bru­ary are the months to take some cal­cu­lated risks and set a fab­u­lous course for the year. But your pro­fes­sional life is in for some se­ri­ous and trans­for­ma­tive changes as you take on more re­spon­si­bil­i­ties. With Jupiter through your ad­ven­ture zone, travel beck­ons. FA­MOUS ARIANS Lady Gaga, El­ton John, Reese Wither­spoon. NEW YEAR MOTTO “Don’t let any­one in the world tell you that you can’t be ex­actly who you are. You have to shine in your own way.” Lady Gaga


Love, travel and ad­ven­ture are linked in Jan­uary and Fe­bru­ary. From March you’ll feel like re­fresh­ing your dat­ing pro­file, tak­ing a fledg­ling fling to a se­ri­ous new level, road-test­ing a po­ten­tial part­ner, or re­boot­ing a long-term re­la­tion­ship that’s in a rut. But mat­ters of the heart are likely to stall in July. LOOT & LUCK With for­tu­nate Jupiter ac­ti­vat­ing your ca­reer zone, an ex­cit­ing new pro­fes­sional ven­ture is shin­ing on the hori­zon. If ex­tra money comes your way, don’t be too im­pul­sive or short-sighted. Make sure you se­cure any wind­fall wisely. LIFE­STYLE In Jan­uary, June and Novem­ber, the Saturn/Nep­tune con­nec­tion helps you be more pro­duc­tive with your creativ­ity and spir­i­tu­ally. So, it’s the per­fect time to take up a daily dis­ci­pline plus turn an ab­stract idea into a con­crete re­al­ity. But cau­tion is re­quired in Fe­bru­ary and Septem­ber. Don’t be gullible and let a du­bi­ous friend, col­league or client lead you to Pis­cean trou­ble! FA­MOUS PISCEANS Drew Bar­ry­more, Steve Jobs, Eva Lon­go­ria. NEW YEAR MOTTO “Life is very in­ter­est­ing. In the end, some of your great­est pains be­come your great­est strengths.” Drew Bar­ry­more


In 2019, strive to get the bal­ance right be­tween be­ing an in­de­pen­dent free spirit and hav­ing sat­is­fy­ing re­la­tion­ships. Sin­gles, you’ll feel ex­tra frisky in Jan­uary and Fe­bru­ary, as you flirt up a storm and cir­cu­late in style. May and June favour com­pan­ion­ship, ro­mance and pam­per­ing your part­ner, so plan some­thing spe­cial. LOOT & LUCK With Pluto, penny-pinch­ing Saturn and four eclipses stir­ring up your money zones, ex­pect de­layed pay­ments, tax prob­lems, di­min­ished cash flow or bud­get blow-outs. July looks par­tic­u­larly prob­lem­atic. LIFE­STYLE Lucky Jupiter is mov­ing through your sign un­til De­cem­ber 2, which is good news for your gen­eral health, phys­i­cal vi­tal­ity and men­tal well­be­ing. Jupiter also gives you the chutz­pah to ini­ti­ate per­sonal changes and then take on the world. Make the most of this pow­er­ful en­ergy surge, which hap­pens only ev­ery 12 years. Con­fi­dence is def­i­nitely the rocket fuel that will take you places in 2019! FA­MOUS SAGITTARIANS Tay­lor Swift, Brad Pitt. NEW YEAR MOTTO “Hap­pi­ness and con­fi­dence are the pret­ti­est things you can wear.” Tay­lor Swift

Pre­pare for bank­ing, real es­tate and stock mar­ket volatil­ity in 2019, which could even re­sult in an­other Global Fi­nan­cial Cri­sis. So find prac­ti­cal ways to pro­tect your as­sets and gain more fi­nan­cial free­dom and in­de­pen­dence. Can you sell prop­erty or shares to pay off debt and boost cash­flow? Or earn ex­tra money turn­ing some­thing you love into an en­tre­pre­neur­ial ven­ture?


Courtesy of boun­ti­ful Jupiter, 2019 is a very pos­i­tive year for re­la­tion­ships. You have much to learn from your spouse and the more you ex­plore new hori­zons to­gether, the bet­ter the part­ner­ship will be. Sin­gles, you could dis­cover your per­fect match when trav­el­ling. LOOT & LUCK When it comes to re­ceiv­ing funds from oth­ers, 2019 will be a frus­trat­ing year. If some­one owes you money, don’t ex­pect it back in a hurry. If you find your­self in fi­nan­cial dif­fi­culty don’t pre­sume that fam­ily or friends will bail you out. In this eco­nomic cli­mate, the thriftier you are, the bet­ter your fis­cal fu­ture will be. Jan­uary is the best month to com­mit your­self to a re­booted bud­get. LIFE­STYLE Love, friend­ship, luck, travel and busi­ness are all linked. So, 2019 is a for­tu­nate year to start (and pro­mote) a promis­ing joint ven­ture. But avoid mak­ing im­por­tant ca­reer de­ci­sions in Fe­bru­ary, July and Novem­ber. FA­MOUS GEMINIS Ste­vie Nicks, Johnny Depp, An­gelina Jolie. NEW YEAR MOTTO “The man of my dreams could walk round the corner to­mor­row. I’m older and wiser and I think I’d make a great girl­friend. I live in the realm of ro­man­tic pos­si­bil­ity.” Ste­vie Nicks


Jupiter pow­ers through your ro­mance and good for­tune zone. So, it’s a won­der­ful year to join an on­line dat­ing site, fall in love, move in to­gether, pro­pose, get mar­ried or re­new wed­ding vows. You could also go on a hol­i­day with your part­ner or start a hot ro­mance with a sexy for­eigner. The best months to take a trip are Jan­uary, Fe­bru­ary, April and May. LOOT & LUCK Many Leos will be ex­tra lucky in 2019, as pros­per­ity planet Jupiter moves through your good for­tune zone! So, it’s an aus­pi­cious year to sell shares or real es­tate, en­ter a com­pe­ti­tion, buy a lot­tery ticket, visit the casino, win at the races or launch a lu­cra­tive pro­ject. But avoid mak­ing im­por­tant fi­nan­cial de­ci­sions in Fe­bru­ary, July and Novem­ber. LIFE­STYLE It’s a fab­u­lous year to fos­ter friend­ships, as you ex­tend your peer group to in­clude a gen­er­ous and phil­an­thropic new crowd. Your fam­ily life is also in­cred­i­bly im­por­tant in 2019. FA­MOUS LEOS Meghan Markle, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Hemsworth. NEW YEAR MOTTO “We need to be kin­der to our­selves. If we treated our­selves the way we treated our best friend, imagine how much bet­ter off we would be?” Meghan Markle


Ex­pect some chal­lenges in 2019 as Saturn, Pluto and three eclipses stir up your re­la­tion­ship zone. Sin­gles, you may have to date a few duds be­fore you find your dream lover. Don’t give up. At­tached Crabs, Fe­bru­ary is the prime month for a ro­man­tic es­cape with your sweet­heart. LOOT & LUCK The lu­nar eclipse fires up your money zone in Jan­uary. So be care­ful you don’t get car­ried away on hol­i­day or at the sales and end up with a fi­nan­cial fi­asco. Pru­dent spend­ing, solid work habits and a healthy life­style will lead to more op­por­tu­ni­ties. LIFE­STYLE Ex­ist­ing one-to-one re­la­tion­ships have a karmic qual­ity to them over the com­ing year. You could meet some­one for the first time where you ex­pe­ri­ence a dis­tinct feel­ing of deja-vu. The SaturnNep­tune con­nec­tion stim­u­lates your kind, car­ing and hu­man­i­tar­ian side in Jan­uary, June and Novem­ber. You’ll feel like trav­el­ling in April and De­cem­ber. FA­MOUS CANCERIANS Princess Diana, Har­ri­son Ford, Mar­got Rob­bie. NEW YEAR MOTTO “Carry out a ran­dom act of kind­ness, with no ex­pec­ta­tion of re­ward, safe in the knowl­edge that one day some­one might do the same for you.” Princess Diana


With Uranus and Nep­tune ac­ti­vat­ing your re­la­tion­ship zones sin­gles, be more cre­ative and ad­ven­tur­ous as you look for a lover who shakes up your com­fort zone. At­tached Scor­pios, 2019 is the year to get the bal­ance right be­tween the sta­bil­ity of your dayto-day rou­tine and the ex­cite­ment of your shared dreams. LOOT & LUCK Fi­nances and luck are linked in 2019, as Jupiter (planet of pros­per­ity and good for­tune) tran­sits through your money zone. So ex­pect a boost to your bank bal­ance via a pay rise, bonus, gift or ex­tra busi­ness com­ing your way. It’s also an aus­pi­cious year to buy a lot­tery ticket, en­ter a com­pe­ti­tion or bet on the horses. LIFE­STYLE Jupiter is jour­ney­ing through your self-es­teem zone. So, it’s time to truly love your­self so you can be­come the big­gest and best ver­sion of your­self that you can pos­si­bly be! And don’t dis­miss the as­sis­tance of oth­ers. In­flu­en­tial peo­ple are happy to help you. If you travel in 2019, it’s likely to be for work or study pur­poses, rather than just fun. FA­MOUS SCOR­PIOS Katy Perry, Ryan Gosling, Julia Roberts. NEW YEAR MOTTO “I never want to be just one thing. I want to be mul­ti­di­men­sional.” Katy Perry


Nep­tune and Saturn stim­u­late your love zones in 2019. With hard work, your love life will slowly go from strength to strength. Sin­gles ex­pect a tem­po­rary dat­ing drought in Fe­bru­ary. Best times to meet your soul mate are May, June, Au­gust and Septem­ber. LOOT & LUCK With pros­per­ity planet Jupiter vis­it­ing your do­mes­tic zone, fam­ily and luck are linked. So, the pe­riod be­tween now and De­cem­ber 2 is the best time to re­dec­o­rate, ren­o­vate, sell or buy prop­erty, house-sit, re­lo­cate or start a home-based busi­ness. Good for­tune could also come via a loved one, dis­tant rel­a­tive or fam­ily friend. Your luck­i­est days of the year are May 3 and Au­gust 21. LIFE­STYLE With four eclipses stim­u­lat­ing your peer group zones, is 2019 the year to sever ties with a fair­weather friend? Make it a pri­or­ity to fill your friend­ship group with pos­i­tive peo­ple who en­cour­age your tal­ents and sup­port your dreams. FA­MOUS VIRGOS Bey­once, Prince Harry, Amy Poehler. NEW YEAR MOTTO “Your self-worth is de­ter­mined by you. You don’t have to de­pend on some­one telling you who you are.” Bey­once


Jan­uary and June are ter­rific times to travel with your sweet­heart. April and May are the best months to bring more ro­mance, flirt­ing, fan­tasy and fun into the re­la­tion­ship. Sin­gles, make sure you’re ac­tively on the look­out for love in Jan­uary and Fe­bru­ary. LOOT & LUCK Pros­per­ity planet Jupiter moves through your com­mu­ni­ca­tion and so­cial net­work­ing zone un­til De­cem­ber 2, 2019. So, you could hit the in­ter­net jack­pot when some­thing you post (or sell) on­line goes vi­ral. There’ll also be op­por­tu­ni­ties to boost cash­flow via writ­ing, teach­ing, pod­cast­ing or pub­lic speak­ing. But your fi­nan­cial sit­u­a­tion could stall (or tem­po­rar­ily go back­wards) in Novem­ber. LIFE­STYLE Ex­pect some hic­cups dur­ing the com­ing year as Saturn, Pluto and three eclipses stim­u­late your home zone. Any dra­mas will be eas­ier to man­age if you are flex­i­ble and take your do­mes­tic re­spon­si­bil­i­ties se­ri­ously. Visit cities with fab­u­lous food and fash­ion. FA­MOUS LIBRANS Ser­ena Wil­liams, Hugh Jack­man, Naomi Watts. NEW YEAR MOTTO “Fam­ily’s first and that’s what mat­ters most. Ten­nis is just a game; fam­ily is for­ever.” Ser­ena Wil­liams

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