No. 421

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1. What is the high­est award at the Australian Sport Awards? 2. Who played WP In­man in Cold Moun­tain? 3. What is the of­fi­cial cur­rency of Oman? 4. In 2007, who re­leased her de­but al­bum Lit­tle Eve? 5. Alope­cia is the med­i­cal de­scrip­tion of the loss of what? 6. Which city hosted the 1996 Olympics? 7. The Com­mon­wealth Bank opened its first branch in which city? 8. The Suez Canal con­nects which two seas? 9. True or false – The US state of New Mex­ico shares a bor­der with Mex­ico? 10. Dame Edna Ever­age was sup­pos­edly born in which city?

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