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Man’s tough life lesson


A young Broome man says he learned a hard lesson in making sure he has consent from any potential partners after being cleared of committing sexual assault against an acquaintan­ce.

Brandon Scott Quintrell, 22, was found not guilty of three counts of sexual penetratio­n without consent, as well as attempt charges.

It came just hours after Mr Quintrell broke down twice in the witness stand as he gave evidence, crying that he

“would never hurt anyone” multiple times.

Following the trial, Mr Quintrell said he was “very happy” to have been acquitted.

“I feel a lot better than I did before,” he said.

“It was very scary and overwhelmi­ng for me because I didn’t know what was going to happen, but now I can walk away freely and live a happy life.”

Mr Quintrell’s father Scott said his son’s social skills towards women had been severely affected by the ordeal of the allegation­s.

“He doesn’t know how to talk to a girl anymore,” he said. “To go through so many sleepless nights and going to work but it is definitely a lesson to be learned: one-night stands can get you into trouble.”

It was alleged Mr Quintrell had been on a night out at the Roebuck Bay Hotel having drinks with friends and the victim in February last year.

It was understood the pair had known each other for about four years.

When initial plans to go to Skylla Lounge fell through due to insufficie­nt funds within the group, Mr Quintrell and the victim elected to take a taxi home together via McDonald’s.

After arriving at the victim’s address, Mr Quintrell was invited into the woman’s bedroom where they ate their food and Mr Quintrell allegedly forced himself on to her.

In evidence, the victim told the court Mr Quintrell got on top of the victim and digitally penetrated her and performed oral sex on her despite her saying “no” and “get off of me” multiple times, before allegedly attempting to have intercours­e with her before she managed to push him off.

However, Mr Quintrell told the court the woman was reciprocat­ing her sexual desires towards him and only stopped him from having intercours­e with her hen he realised he did not have a condom.

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