Review your res­o­lu­tions and re­set your life for rest of year


Dis­cover the joy of new be­gin­nings with some help from a natur­opath

IGREW up in a Catholic fam­ily and I will al­ways re­mem­ber the 40 days of lent where my brother and I would give up choco­late and lol­lies. It wasn’t easy. But we had the sup­port of our com­mu­nity and fam­ily. The cer­e­monies such as Ash Wed­nes­day, Palm Sun­day, Good Fri­day etc brought the fam­ily and com­mu­nity to­gether to sup­port each other dur­ing their time of sac­ri­fice.

Whether you a re­li­gious per­son or not, we all as­so­ciate Easter with choco­late. As kids, it was the best morn­ing of the whole year when we were al­lowed to have choco­late be­fore break­fast! And then there would be days and weeks of choco­late! This was en­joyed even more af­ter go­ing through Lent and giv­ing up choco­late for 40 days. How­ever, my mum would put all her choco­late at the top of the pantry and leave it there. I am not sure if it was a way of tor­ment­ing us kids but by the time she would bring it down, she would have to throw it away. Our mum was and still is very health con­scious and although she would be given Easter eggs, she would choose to not eat it.

I con­sider Easter to be a time of new be­gin­nings. That is what the eggs and the chick­ens rep­re­sent. I use this time to re­flect on how my year has pro­gressed. Am I meet­ing my New Year goals? Am I feel­ing happy and ful­filled? What am I do­ing in my life to help oth­ers and be of ser­vice? What changes do I need to make to im­prove my daily hap­pi­ness? What can I do that will al­low me to feel proud of my­self?

Many peo­ple have weight loss goals for each New Year. Easter is a good time to re­flect on your progress to date. And re­set your­self for the rest of the year. At Bargara Beach Holis­tic Health Cen­tre we love help­ing our clients with los­ing weight. We have sci­en­tific equipment that can mon­i­tor where you are at and pro­vide ac­cu­rate com­par­isons as you progress. As in your weight goes up but you are work­ing out and eat­ing well, our equipment can ac­cu­rately tell you whether that in­crease in weight is fat, mus­cle or fluid. Many peo­ple can hold 5kgs or more in ex­cess fluid.

Our detox and weight loss pro­grams are highly ef­fec­tive in help­ing you meet your goals and our test­ing days and equipment will keep your fo­cused and mo­ti­vated.

CHANGE: Easter is a time of new be­gin­nings, so re­mem­ber to em­brace yours. PHOTO: KIEFERPIX

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