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Natur­opath Re­becca Lang gives healthy tips for look­ing and feel­ing your best this sum­mer.

IF YOU are want­ing to shed a few ex­tra ki­los be­fore you start laz­ing around the beach and wear­ing less clothes, then here are a few tips to get you started.

1. We all love our daily cof­fee but how about re­mov­ing the milk for a few weeks, and the su­gar or sweet­ener. That way you are not sac­ri­fic­ing your caf­feine kick but you are drop­ping some ex­tra calo­ries.

2. Drink Green Tea. Green Tea is not only a pow­er­ful an­tiox­i­dant but it also has re­search to as­sist with weight loss. It con­tains bioac­tive sub­stances that can as­sist you to burn calo­ries, even while rest­ing. If you are us­ing a tea bag then you do need 5 cups per day for ef­fec­tive ther­a­peu­tic dosages.

3. Try one of our In­di­vid­u­alised Pro­tein Pow­ders. This is not just any pro­tein pow­der but one that does not have all the fillers, num­bers, colours, milk solids etc in there. Many pro­tein pow­ders are ac­tu­ally caus­ing more prob­lems due to the in­gre­di­ents. We com­pound pro­tein pow­ders and in­di­vid­u­alise to the per­son’s par­tic­u­lar health needs. They are all nat­u­ral and taste good too.

4. Con­sider fur­ther in­ves­ti­ga­tion. Have you looked at blood tests for your thy­roid, in­clud­ing thy­roid anti-bod­ies, blood su­gar, hor­mones, cor­ti­sol lev­els etc? Medi­care does not cover cer­tain tests, es­pe­cially if other tests are show­ing as “nor­mal”. Our team of qual­i­fied natur­opaths and nutri­tion­ists can do the test­ing for you through pathol­ogy (not cov­ered with Medi­care but at a low cost).

5. Sup­port the liver. When your weight plateaus it may mean that you need to sup­port the liver and do a detox. Tox­ins are stored in the fat cells so this is an es­sen­tial part of any weight loss pro­gram to re­duce ox­ida­tive stress.

6. Re­duce your meal size and calo­ries is a pretty ob­vi­ous one but we of­ten see peo­ple with a very healthy diet but just hav­ing way too many calo­ries. Be con­scious of the over­all amount of calo­ries you are hav­ing each day – from food and drink items.

In­vest in a Per­sonal Trainer if you can but oth­er­wise start of an ex­er­cise pro­gram that in­cludes weight train­ing. Each per­son’s body is dif­fer­ent and some peo­ple do find ei­ther car­dio or weight train­ing work best for them. A com­bi­na­tion of both five days a week would be great. All move­ment is bet­ter than no move­ment but don’t think that a slow, gen­tle walk is go­ing to be enough to move years of un­healthy food choices.

We now have a drop in clinic at Bar­gara Beach Holis­tic Health Cen­tre where you can chat to one of our qual­i­fied team of natur­opaths and nutri­tion­ists and ac­cess a script for the right sup­ple­ments for you.

You can also book a full con­sul­ta­tion by call­ing the clinic on 4159 1834, book­ing through the Face­book page or through the web­site at https://www.healthand­heal­­line-book­ings/.


START TO­DAY: Pre­par­ing your sum­mer body is that much eas­ier by re­mem­ber­ing to be healthy.

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