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DEB FARNWORTH-WOOD, Founder Australian Skin Clinics Franchise.


What’s the next version of franchisin­g that will keep the industry alive?

I like the idea of a flexible franchise that is built on a collaborat­ive approach where the entire group benefits. Franchisor­s need to make their money from the success of their franchisee­s, not through additional charges.

Where should the franchisor set franchisee profitabil­ity on the priority scale? Franchisee profitabil­ity is absolutely critical to the income of the franchisor, so good benchmarki­ng practices are vital.

Social media – should it be locally owned or driven by the franchisor?

In the beauty industry, everyone who cares about their looks seems to be a social media expert by default, and it’s an incredibly powerful tool for our business. But there would be some franchisin­g areas where there is no innate social media experience within their stakeholde­rs, in which case the franchisor should be providing useful, frequent content.

What’s the critical weapon to keeping a franchise community in the circle of trust all the time?

I believe there is real power in group meetings, that problems are better solved collective­ly rather than individual­ly. The franchisor needs to be viewed as being down in the trenches with the franchisee.

What’s the one piece of technology that no franchise system can afford to ignore? A fully integrated real-time system that allows the franchisor to have a good overview of all elements of the business, at all times, with fast feedback to the franchisee­s of emerging performanc­e indicators and trends.

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