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Founder and CEO Clovis Young also confirmed that a brand refresh is due in the coming months.

Australia-based Mexican fast food chain Mad Mex says they have received “a lot” of interest for them to make their way to the Asian food and beverage scene.

But before the brand decided to go ahead with it, they made sure to fulfil their number one requiremen­t: finding the right business partner.

“We wanted a partner with local market experience and existing scale that had a similar growth ambition to Mad Mex. Values and alignment are number one,” Mad Mex CEO and founder Clovis Young told QSR Media.

The partner they have been searching for: Singaporea­n fast food chain 4FINGERS.

Both brands recently announced their monumental partnershi­p that saw 4FINGERS acquiring a 50% stake in Mad Mex. 4FINGERS plans to establish Mad Mex’s presence in Southeast Asia, including initial plans to expand in Singapore and Malaysia for the next 12 months. The deal closed last 13 September.

“4FINGERS is an establishe­d brand with strong management and an experience­d board of directors. It is growing in the region and there a numerous opportunit­ies to co- locate in shopping centres or to leverage the existing relationsh­ips with landlords,” Young said.

Young will also retain management control of Mad Mex and says he expects to see additional growth in Australia and New Zealand given how the brand is currently delivering 4% like-for- like sales growth over the past two quarters.

“Mad Mex is the second key brand in the 4FINGERS Group. We are currently on the lookout for a third brand to complete this platform; a brand with similar characteri­stics to 4FINGERS and Mad Mex - strong, establishe­d, profitable and fast- growing that is easily scalable and has global potential,” Vijay Sethu, owner and director of 4FINGERS said.

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