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I came across a clause re­lat­ing to Royal Jor­da­nian’s on­line ticketing prac­tices that I think is worth warn­ing fel­low trav­ellers about.

Ac­cord­ing to their terms: “The Pay­ment Card holder must be trav­el­ling with the pas­sen­ger and should present the card used to pur­chase the ticket(s) (pur­chased from at the checkin counter for ver­i­fi­ca­tion. Royal Jor­da­nian re­serves the right to deny board­ing to any pas­sen­ger who fails to present the pay­ment card used to pur­chase his ticket (pur­chased from

“If the card­holder is not trav­el­ling with the pas­sen­ger then the pas­sen­ger has to present the orig­i­nal pay­ment card used to pur­chase the ticket(s) (pur­chased from and a copy of the card holder’s pass­port/na­tional ID at the check-in counter for ver­i­fi­ca­tion to be able to travel. Royal Jor­da­nian re­serves the right to deny board­ing to any pas­sen­ger who fails to com­ply. In case of an ex­pired/stolen pay­ment card be­fore de­par­ture date, a for­mal let­ter should be pro­vided from the is­suer bank which proves iden­tity, all re­quired in­for­ma­tion of the card holder and the pre­vi­ous stolen/ex­pired card num­ber, which is manda­tory to be sent to ibesup­[email protected] prior to de­par­ture date, as it is not ac­cept­able to be pro­vided at the air­port.

“If you are us­ing a vir­tual pay­ment card to pur­chase on­line then you will have to present your vir­tual card cer­tifi­cate, sup­plied by your bank as part of the use of a vir­tual card process, be­fore we can ac­cept you on­board.

“The above rules shall not ap­ply to PayPal, Giro­pay, UnionPay and Ideal.”

Is this not ex­tra­or­di­nary, and po­ten­tially a big prob­lem for pas­sen­gers? But Royal Jor­da­nian re­ally means it: I could not check in on­line be­cause my ticket had been pur­chased by credit card. At the air­port I was in­deed asked for my credit card, which for­tu­nately I had with me, but imag­ine if it had been lost that day – how would it be pos­si­ble to get a let­ter from the is­su­ing bank in time to “prove iden­tity” (which, of course, a credit card does not prove). Just imag­ine the frus­tra­tion of not be­ing able to travel with a valid ticket when Royal Jor­da­nian has al­ready got your money.

Even odder is ex­empt­ing PayPal (which is es­sen­tially a credit card with an ex­tra fee to PayPal) and UnionPay (which is a credit card no dif­fer­ent from Visa, Amex or Master­card). I have no idea what a “vir­tual pay­ment card” may be.

This is an in­ter­est­ing ex­am­ple of not con­sid­er­ing the prac­ti­cal needs of the cus­tomer. John Can­non, Hong Kong

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