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6/7 Who was the loud-mouthed bigot in the 1970s TV se­ries All in the Fam­ily? (6,6) 10 Which old dis­ease is on the in­crease in the US, blamed by some on il­le­gal im­mi­grants?(7) 11 Trit­i­cale is a hy­brid ce­real pro­duced by cross­ing rye with what? (5) 12 Foot­baller Ed­son Arantes do Nasci­mento has al­ways hated his nick­name, mean­ing “lit­tle baby”. What is it? (4) 13 An es­ti­mated 4,000 of which an­i­mal are killed ev­ery year by cars and dogs in Aus­tralia? (5) 16 Which air­line be­gan with a merger be­tween three small US air­lines which flew mail be­tween Florida and Cuba? (3-2) 17 What was Buf­falo Bill’s sur­name? (4) 20 In In­dia, what po­lite form of ad­dress is some­times said af­ter a man’s name? (5) 21 In what paint­ing tech­nique is paint ap­plied thickly, show­ing brush or pal­ette knife marks? (7) 22 What colour is an air­craft’s “black” box? (6) 23 Who rules a coun­try if a monarch is ab­sent or ill? (6)


1 Which fa­mous Span­ish-born pain­ter col­lected and kept all his toe­nail clip­pings? (5,7) 2 What is the tech­ni­cal name for the shoul­der blade? (7) 3 What spike is driven into a rock crevice to aid a moun­tain climber? (5) 4 What is the top­most plank­ing of the side of a boat? (7) 5 What is also known as clayp­i­geon shoot­ing? (5) 8 In 1946, which star’s pic­ture was taped to the first peace­time nu­clear test bomb, at Bikini atoll? (4,8) 9 What is an ob­ses­sive de­sire to set fire to things? (9) 14 Whose (Charles ____) “an­a­lyt­i­cal en­gine” cal­cu­la­tor de­signed in the 1830s was fi­nally built in 1991? (7) 15 In a south­ern ocean, which cold wa­ter body lies be­tween Vic­to­ria Land and the Ed­ward VII Penin­sula? (4,3) 18 What is a tied bun­dle of reaped grain stalks? (5) 19 Near which Bel­gian town were ma­jor bat­tles fought in 1914, 1915 and 1917? (5)

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