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7 The Aus­tralian wat­tle tree is of which genus? (6)

8 What dec­o­ra­tive al­loy of cop­per, zinc and tin gets its name from French for “pow­dered gold”? (6)

10 What is the art of Ja­panese flower ar­range­ment? (7)

11 The Span­ish liqueur Li­cor de Me­lo­cotón is flavoured with what fruit? (5)

12 Malay for “rush­ing in a frenzy” gave us what word? (4)

13 What bird is the em­blem of Garuda In­done­sia air­line? (6)

17 Which stringed in­stru­ment is tuned an oc­tave above the cello? (5)

18 En­joyed for over 4000 years, what is the old­est type of puz­zle? (4)

22 What is the ad­min­is­tra­tive cap­i­tal of Bo­livia? (2,3)

23 As cats are fe­line, what are foxes? (7)

24 What is a sound re­peated to aid con­cen­tra­tion in med­i­ta­tion? (6)

25 Who (James ____) up­set Princess Diana by re­veal­ing de­tails of their re­la­tion­ship? (6)


1 Who was Muham­mad’s favourite daugh­ter? (7)

2 What sea­soned red pork sausage is sold ready to eat? (7)

3 Ac­cord­ing to the Bi­ble, Moses re­ceived the Ten Com­mand- ments on which mount? (5)

4 What is the cap­i­tal of Libya? (7)

5 What type of tooth is used mainly for grind­ing? (5)

6 Who (Sir Vi­vian ___) led the Antarc­tic ex­pe­di­tion that in­cluded Sir Ed­mund Hil­lary? (5)

9 The 1854 charge of the Light Bri­gade was part of which bat­tle in the Crimea? (9)

14 What part of a bird’s stom­ach con­tains small stones for grind­ing food? (7)

15 Which ocean is the world’s largest? (7)

16 What, in mph, is the speed limit on most mo­tor­ways in Bri­tain? (7)

19 Which colonel was cre­ated by car­toon­ist Sir David Low? (5)

20 To what part of a book are the pages at­tached? (5)

21 What is a young eel? (5)

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