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IT WAS on the set of the fi­nal film,

that first came to the at­ten­tion of Fran­cis Lawrence.

The direc­tor read and fell in love with Ja­son Matthews’ best-sell­ing thriller and thought of his

muse Jen­nifer Lawrence for the lead role.

tells the story of Do­minika Egorova, a prima bal­le­rina who, after an ac­ci­dent, cuts short her danc­ing ca­reer. She is forced by her un­cle into train­ing as a Spar­row – a Rus­sian spy re­cruited to se­duce en­emy agents.

Q: What at­tracted you to the book?

A: It was a va­ri­ety of things I think. First and fore­most it was the char­ac­ter of Do­minika, the part that Jen’s play­ing. I’ve found that I’m re­ally at­tracted to sto­ries about re­ally iso­lated, lonely peo­ple and she’s clearly a very iso­lated, lonely per­son. But I’m also at­tracted to sto­ries about peo­ple that have very re­lat­able, vis­ceral sort of needs that are then put in these kind of un­be­liev­able sit­u­a­tions.

A: It does. It was in­ter­est­ing when we first started this be­cause I was in post on the films when I got the book and started work­ing on the script. I was re­ally drawn to the story but one of the ques­tions we had was just how the­mat­i­cally and po­lit­i­cally rel­e­vant it would feel. And that has changed in the past year, which is an in­cred­i­ble thing but it adds poignancy.

Q: You’ve worked with Jen­nifer sev­eral times now. What does that of­fer you?

A: I think she was will­ing to take some risks in this movie. I think she might not have been will­ing to do that for some­body she didn’t know. We know how to com­mu­ni­cate re­ally ef­fi­ciently and well and it works.

Q: Jen­nifer’s char­ac­ter Do­minika is a bal­le­rina and Jen­nifer said dur­ing Sil­ver Lin­ings Play­book that she can’t dance. So how did that go down?

A: She wanted to do all the train­ing and the work­ing out and try her best, but we also knew we were go­ing to need a dou­ble for the big dance shots.

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