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1 What sugar syrup drink some­times con­tains al­co­hol or medicine? (5)

4 Which English nov­el­ist and sci­en­tist wrote a se­quence of 11 nov­els Strangers and Brothers? (1,1,4)

9 What big cat is a Pan­thera par­dus? (7)

10 What is to speak in pub­lic with- out pre­par­ing in ad­vance? (2-3)

11 What is ac­quired im­mune de­fi­ciency syn­drome bet­ter known as? (4)

12 Which dancer do you as­so­ciate with Rogers? (7)

13 What word can pre­cede force, gui­tar and bed? (3)

14 What colour­ful gem­stone is mined in Aus­tralia? (4)

16 What pre­fix in­di­cates ex­treme cold? (4)

18 What caus­tic so­lu­tion is used for cleans­ing? (3) 20/21 Scant­ily clad, who shot to fame in the 60s TV sit­com I Dream of Jean­nie? (7,4)

24 A baby’s hoarse cough can in­di­cate what con­di­tion? (5)

25 What va­ri­ety of loose-skinned man­darin orig­i­nated in Japan? (7)

26 What is a wood­louse also known as? (6)

27 What is land granted to a clergy mem­ber to use to earn in­come? (5)


1, 2 and 7 Which mu­si­cian tried to reg­is­ter his cello for air miles be­cause it al­ways oc­cu­pies a seat? (6,5,6)

3/5 Dr Jack Ker­ruish was the first of many doc­tors in which Bri­tish TV se­ries? (4,8)

6 What is to ren­der legally void or in­valid? (7) 8/13 Who pub­lished his Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque in 1840? (5,5,3)

15 What is an arched struc­ture for climb­ing plants? (7)

17 What count­ing de­vice has rods and beads? (6)

18 What noosed rope is used for catch­ing cat­tle? (5)

19 What does the Span­ish word loco mean? (6)

22 What is a score of 40 all in a ten­nis game? (5) 23 What is a buyer of a new share is­sue who sells quickly for a profit? (4)

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