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Elec­tronic cig­a­rettes, or e-cig­a­rettes, are bat­tery-op­er­ated de­vices that heat a liq­uid (called ‘e-liq­uid’) to pro­duce a vapour that users in­hale. They are de­signed to de­liver nico­tine and/or other chem­i­cals via an aerosol vapour di­rectly to your lungs (also re­ferred to as vape or e-liq­uid nico­tine). They do not gen­er­ally con­tain tobacco and prod­ucts vary in terms of in­gre­di­ents and de­signs.

All e-cig­a­rettes have three ba­sic com­po­nents: a bat­tery, an atom­iser and a fluid car­tridge. The fluid used in e-cig­a­rettes usu­ally con­tains propy­lene gly­col, glyc­erol, nico­tine and added flavour­ings.

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