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1 Which large ex­tinct ele­phant of the Pleis­tocene epoch had a hairy coat and long curved tusks? (7)

4 What Mid­dle East­ern dish of spiced rice or wheat might in­clude meat and veg­eta­bles? (5)

7 What gave buoy­ancy to the first life­jack­ets? (4)

8 What is the art of de­sign­ing and mak­ing clocks? (8)

10 Who holds the record of 16 Academy Award nom­i­na­tions for Best Screen­play? (5,5)

12 What is some­one who makes beer? (6)

13 What is pick­led roe of the stur­geon fish? (6)

15 What is a fin­ger of cal­cium car­bon­ate hang­ing from the roof of a lime­stone cave? (10)

18 The male of which sea crea­ture has a brood pouch in which the eggs de­velop? (3,5)

19 What starchy ce­real is ob­tained from the pow­dered pith of a palm? (4)

20 How many bot­tles of wine does a methuse­lah hold? (5)

21 What is an al­ter­na­tive name for alu­minium ox­ide? (7)


1 The hy­acinth species of which bird is the world’s largest par­rot? (5)

2 Which long-tailed mon­key of the trop­i­cal Amer­i­cas has long curved claws? (8)

3 Which fair­ground game in­volves throw­ing a ring over an ob­ject? (6)

4 What is a record of own­er­ship of a work of art? (10)

5 Which is South East Asia’s only land­locked na­tion? (4)

6 What is a bridge car­ry­ing one road or rail­way line over an­other? (7)

9 What is the ti­tle of Dublin-born Christy Brown’s au­to­bi­og­ra­phy, pub­lished in 1954? (2,4,4)

11 Which Pa­cific coun­try in­cludes the Gil­bert and Phoenix is­lands? (8)

12 What fine plain-weave cot­ton fab­ric is used for shirts and hand­ker­chiefs? (7)

14 In 1959, what be­came the 49th state of the USA? (6)

16 Which deadly disease was named after a river in Zaire near where the disease was first ob­served? (5)

17 What is a hol­low tooth of a ven­omous snake? (4)

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