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Across 1 What is an or­der to ap­pear in a law court? (7) 4 Which broth­ers’ an­thol­ogy of Ger­man fairy tales ap­peared in three vol­umes be­tween 1812 and 1822? (5) 7 Which city in west­ern Ne­vada is known as a di­vorce, wed­ding, and gam­bling cen­tre? (4) 8 What is some­one who makes or sells women’s hats? (8) 10 What is Bugs Bunny’s catch­prase? (5,2,3) 12 What is a place where bees are kept? (6) 13 In what units of weight are pre­cious stones mea­sured? (6) 15 Tina Turner and Rod Stewart duet­ted in which 1990 hit song? (2,5,3) 18 Wil­liam Wordsworth and his fam­ily had two meals of what each day? (8) 19 Which na­tive Amer­i­can peo­ple of cen­tral Canada speak a lan­guage of the same name? (4) 20 What is also known as a rutabaga? (5) 21 Which novel opens with the line “Last night I dreamt I went to Man­der­ley again”? (7)

Down 1 What is a tube used for drink­ing? (5) 2 What is the stan­dard lit­er­ary and oႈcial form of Chi­nese? (8) 3 Chi­huahua Ren part­ners which cat in a sub­ver­sive TV car­toon show of the 1980s-1990s? (6) 4 What arm of the In­dian Ocean lies be­tween Ye­men and So­ma­lia? (4,2,4) 5 Where did St Columba found a monastery, in about 563? (4) 6 In some Euro­pean coun­tries, which noble­man ranks be­tween a count and a duke? (7) 9 What small writ­ing desk has draw­ers and compartmen­ts? (10) 11 Which acid is present in un­ripe grapes? (8) 12 Bor­rowed from French, what means “with ref­er­ence to”? (7) 14 What might you ¿nd in a sett? (6) 16 What is the last let­ter of the Greek al­pha­bet? (5) 17 Which is the warm­est of North Amer­ica’s Great Lakes? (4)

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