The weed creep­ing over lawns like a bad car­pet

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THE Creep­ing Indigo weed is a legume that fixes ni­tro­gen into your soil and has a long tap root that opens up heavy clay soils.

The bad bit is that it has been creep­ing into our lawns like a car­pet, cov­er­ing ev­ery­thing.

The stems lay flat and don’t get cut by the mower while the seeds get cut off and spread through­out the lawn. To con­trol it man­u­ally, soak the soil first, pull out the run­ners and then pull out that tap root.

As it is a bit harder to kill than some weeds, and you want to use a her­bi­cide, fer­tilise lawn first with a high ni­tro­gen fer­tiliser such as CK 88, and a light dust­ing of Dolomite.

This will get the weed grow­ing with lots of leaves, and more sur­face area for the her­bi­cide to stick to. As it is grow­ing faster is will ab­sorb the her­bi­cide bet­ter.

The CK 88 will also have the turf grow­ing quickly to fill the gaps where the weeds were. Do not mow for a week.

For couch grass, spray with a her­bi­cide such as Sear­les Lawn Weeder, adding some Spred­max wet­ter.

Spray again in a week. The same goes for Buf­falo lawn, but in­stead use Buf­falo Mas­ter her­bi­cide with some Spred­max.


IN­VA­SIVE WEED: The Creep­ing Indigo weed.

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