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Across 5 What is the molten rock ma­te­rial within the earth? (5)

8 What is the lar­ynx com­monly called? (5,3) 9 What was Bing Crosby’s real first name? (5) 10 Who (JD ____) wrote The Catcher in the Rye? (8)

11 What fine cof­fee is named af­ter a port on the Red Sea? (5)

14 What crea­ture killed Cleopa­tra? (3)

16 What hot-tast­ing green paste ac­com­pa­nies Ja­panese food? (6)

17 A de­fi­ciency of what can lead to goitre? (6) 18 How many vow­els are there in the Korean al­pha­bet? (3)

20 Which Dis­ney char­ac­ter was named Dippy Dawg when he first ap­peared in 1932? (5)

24 The name for what car­ried thing orig­i­nated from om­bra, the Ital­ian word for shade? (8)

25/26 Who sang with Aaron Neville to win a Grammy for the song “Don’t Know Much”? (5,8) 27 Pablo Casals was a mas­ter of which mu­si­cal in­stru­ment? (5) Down 1 What al­co­holic Rus­sian drink is made from ce­real and stale bread? (5)

2 What is gar­lic-flavoured may­on­naise? (5) 3/4 First chart­ing with “That Crazy Feel­ing” in 1958, which coun­try singer has charted in each of six decades? (5,6)

6 What is the heav­i­est snake in the world? (8) 7 Which drug got its name from the Ro­man god of sleep? (8)

12 What was an ad­her­ent of James II af­ter his over­throw in 1688? (8)

13 Which flower is an em­blem of Wales? (8) 14 What is a small is­land in a river? (3)

15 What is the flag­pole mark­ing the hole of a golf green? (3)

19 Where in Devon is the novel Lorna Doone set? (6)

21 What is a flat or­na­ment for the har­ness of a draught horse? (5)

22 What is to gather left­over grain af­ter a har­vest? (5)

23 Val­letta is the cap­i­tal of which is­land coun­try? (5)

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