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6 Which river is the world’s largest by vol­ume? (6) 7 Who, ac­cord­ing to a say­ing, never pros­per? (6) 10 What type of veg­etable is a cos? (7) 11 In 1930, which French com­poser wrote Pi­ano Con­certo in D for the Left Hand for a pi­anist who had lost a hand? (5) 12 What is a fire for burn­ing a corpse? (4) 13 What woollen ma­te­rial cov­ers bil­liard and card ta­bles? (5) 16 Re­leased in 2006, which Bri­tish group’s great­est hits al­bum is en­ti­tled Stop the Clocks? (5) 17 Who was Ja­pan’s prime min­is­ter from 1941 to 1944? (4) 20 What are cov­ers for the up­per part of air­craft wheels? (5) 21 The “Cod Wars” were dis­putes be­tween Bri­tain and which coun­try? (7) 22 Which pine is also called Dou­glas fir? (6) 23 What wo­man’s skirt style is based on an Alpine peas­ant cos­tume? (6)


1 Which painter’s last words trans­late as “Drink to me ... I can’t drink any­more”? (5,7) 2 What is a for­ti­fied em­place­ment for heavy guns? (7) 3 In Egyp­tian mythol­ogy, which god is usu­ally de­picted as a fal­con-headed man? (5) 4 What spicy pork sausage is pop­u­lar in Spain? (7) 5 What colour was the first syn­thetic dye? (5) 8 Which painter’s last words trans­late as “Where is my clock”? (8,4) 9 What dis­ease of the liver has types A,B,C,E and G? (9) 14 In Peter and the Wolf, what in­stru­ment rep­re­sents the grand­fa­ther? (7) 15 What is a mass of de­bris car­ried by glaciers? (7) 18 What would you pick from a Phoenix dactylif­era? (5) 19 Porto Novo is the cap­i­tal of which African coun­try, for­merly Da­homey? (5)

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