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Tues­day’s New Moon will kick-start a fresh phase in a part­ner­ship, busi­ness or per­sonal. You may be in a po­si­tion to ne­go­ti­ate the terms of an agree­ment that af­fects your sta­tus, ca­reer or di­rec­tion. It’s im­por­tant that you do your re­search where you are miss­ing facts, as your ten­dency to act first and to think later could other­wise get you into hot wa­ter, es­pe­cially mid­week.


A fresh chap­ter is about to be­gin. You will seek fair play and more bal­ance both in your fi­nan­cial bud­get and your re­la­tion­ships, and this is cer­tainly a good week to re-es­tab­lish the sta­tus quo. You may need to re­view a topic to es­tab­lish the bal­ance. Avoid rash de­ci­sions but be ready to see a new way to move for­ward – ei­ther at work, in your per­sonal life or purely fi­nan­cially.


Tues­day’s New Moon sig­nals you’re ready to meet new peo­ple; to so­cialise a lit­tle more; to net­work and to bring like-minded peo­ple into your cir­cle. This may sim­ply be a nat­u­ral pro­gres­sion for you as you wish to min­gle with peo­ple who have the same val­ues and mind-set. Some­one may sur­prise you this week. Avoid as­sum­ing their fail­ings are your own.


A fresh daily rou­tine will get un­der­way, and should re­turn some of the bal­ance to your life or well­be­ing. How­ever, if this week’s events put a span­ner in the works, con­sider a new ap­proach; a fresh hori­zon; and po­ten­tially some­thing even com­pletely counter-in­tu­itive, as you could now broaden your hori­zons, es­pe­cially with re­gard to your daily sched­ule and travel.


This is an ex­cel­lent week to use your abil­ity to be me­thod­i­cal, dili­gent and real­is­tic. Be prac­ti­cal with fi­nan­cial mat­ters, and con­sider whether all your hard work is pay­ing off, or whether there is a case for work­ing smarter, not harder. You can turn a cor­ner by es­tab­lish­ing more bal­ance in your life, and this may in­volve smooth­ing out in­con­sis­tent or er­ratic cir­cum­stances.


Un­ex­pected news is likely to take you into new ter­rain. You may need to be more adapt­able – or con­versely, to up­hold your con­vic­tions. The up­shot is that you are be­gin­ning a fresh chap­ter in your gen­eral out­look, one that asks that you es­tab­lish more fair­ness and equal­ity in your life. The key to suc­cess is to avoid an ego bat­tle, while work­ing to­wards bet­ter cir­cum­stances.


A fresh chap­ter is about to be­gin in your fam­ily life, home or re­gard­ing a prop­erty. The is­sues will re­volve around shared fi­nances or du­ties, and how to make these fairer and more equal. Creative Twins should ex­pe­ri­ence a pro­duc­tive time. You may res­ur­rect a project. Ro­man­tic Twins may ex­pe­ri­ence a pas­sion­ate time, although you must take care to avoid con­flict.


Tues­day’s Li­bra New Moon sig­nals a fresh chap­ter for you. It may in­volve dif­fi­cult or in­tense de­ci­sions in as­so­ci­a­tion with your home, fam­ily or a prop­erty. You may even en­counter a moral dilemma. A fi­nan­cial mat­ter is best looked at long-term. Avoid gam­bling, both emo­tion­ally and fi­nan­cially, and avoid en­ter­ing into a power strug­gle, as it may be long-stand­ing.


It’s time for some­thing new! You’ll gain the in­for­ma­tion you need this week to set sail on a new course. You may be sur­prised by news or de­vel­op­ments, es­pe­cially mid­week. With Mars in your sign, you are quite the war­rior now, but your emo­tions risk bub­bling up. En­sure you chan­nel feel­ings into pro­duc­tive pur­suits. If you don’t, your emo­tions could erupt into tem­pers.


Tues­day’s New Moon sig­nals key de­vel­op­ments to do with con­tracts, pa­per­work and com­mu­ni­ca­tions in gen­eral. You may be ready to set things straight that have been hard work or time-con­sum­ing. A do­mes­tic mat­ter is likely to reach a con­clu­sion, or you will re-visit an idea, cir­cum­stance or a prop­erty. Your ideas may be dif­fer­ent to a part­ner’s, so aim for com­mon ground.


You are a pas­sion­ate char­ac­ter, and can be quick to anger. This week’s events may bring your tem­per to the sur­face, so it’s im­por­tant to con­sider your cir­cum­stances real­is­ti­cally, and to avoid im­pul­sive­ness, es­pe­cially mid­week. Dis­cus­sions to do with health, work, or even se­cret mat­ters are best kept trans­par­ent, or you risk lead­ing your­self – and oth­ers - into murky wa­ter.


Tues­day’s New Moon will en­cour­age you to look for more equal­ity in a shared cir­cum­stance, such as a fi­nan­cial or do­mes­tic ar­range­ment which is ready for a new agree­ment. Avoid tak­ing peo­ple’s agen­das or abrupt com­ments per­son­ally. A group or or­gan­i­sa­tion may help in your new chap­ter, but if a friend or group seems un­co­op­er­a­tive, avoid a Mex­i­can stand­off.

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