Ris­ing tem­per­a­ture de­bate hots up

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ER­ROL Con­roy last week re­ferred to some man recorded facts about cli­mate change —tem­per­a­ture changes since 1880 and so­lar en­ergy out­put since 1755.

How­ever, he ig­nored sci­en­tific facts re­vealed by ice cores and rocks, that show cli­mate has been chang­ing long be­fore mankind evolved, which show that long-term at­mo­spheric tem­per­a­tures and car­bon diox­ide con­cen­tra­tions have been both higher and lower than since mankind started record­ing.

Sup­posed cli­mate sci­en­tists want con­tin­ued fund­ing to fine tune in­com­plete com­puter mod­els, but can­not ex­plain why cli­mate has al­ways changed and will con­tinue to change.

He also as­serted that “the rate of change of many cli­mate pa­ram­e­ters re­cently is un­prece­dented and alarm­ing”.

Ac­tu­ally, “re­cent” tem­per­a­ture changes show they have failed to live up to the alarm­ing com­puter model pre­dic­tions, as tem­per­a­tures have vir­tu­ally plateaued since about the year 2000, which cor­re­sponds to when mankind has burnt coal more than all time be­fore 2000.

— DAVID STARK Bud­erim

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