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WHEN it comes to in­sects, they are of­ten named be­cause of what they look like or what they do – the fun­nel ant is no dif­fer­ent.

The fun­nel ant is named be­cause of the small fun­nel-shaped nests that they build in your gar­den, but more of­ten in your lawn.

They are lit­tle ants, about 5mm long, and brown in colour, and they gen­er­ally don’t turn up in ones and twos, they turn up en masse, mak­ing lit­tle fun­nels nests all over your lawn in just a few days.

Fun­nel ants will eat the roots of your lawn, as well as the odd in­sect.

They pre­fer soft soils, and where the lawn is thin, and they are of­ten seen af­ter heavy rain, when the soil is softer.

When you get a bad in­fes­ta­tion, it can de­stroy your whole lawn, mak­ing it very un­even and un­safe to walk on, as the nests un­der the ground can be up to 1m down.

It is also hard on your lawn mower blades, and then the dirt will stick to your feet and then you will spread it through­out your house.

To con­trol them, you can use the same remedy as you use for your lawn grubs, such as Su­per­way Grub and Ant, as this is mixed with wa­ter, so you can pour it straight down the holes. Do it as soon as you see them.


FUN­NEL TUN­NELS: Fun­nel ants can be a pest in your gar­den.

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