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Across 1 What is a con­di­tion at­tached to an agree­ment? (7) 4 What word can pre­cede shift, owl and school? (5) 7 What usu­ally semi­cir­cu­lar part of a church may have a domed roof? (4)

8 Who fea­tures in an 1855 Longfel­low poem? (8)

10 A 2005 study showed that play­ers of which in­stru­ment suf­fer less snor­ing and sleep ap­noea? (10)

12 Danzig is the Ger­man name for which port? (6) 13 Nor­way is fa­mous for what sea in­lets? (6) 15 Which city has a fa­mous Lit­tle Mer­maid statue? (10) 18 What com­mon fly­ing thing is a Musca do­mes­tica? (8) 19 What is an up­right tim­ber in a wall? (4)

20 What in­fec­tious vi­ral dis­ease causes swelling of the sali­vary glands? (5)

21 What style of ar­chi­tec­ture and fur­ni­ture was pop­u­lar in Bri­tain at the end of the 18th Cen­tury? (7)


1 What rec­tan­gu­lar length of tar­tan is worn over the shoul­der as part of the Scot­tish High­land dress? (5)

2 What hard, dark, glass-like rock is formed in rapid lava so­lid­i­fi­ca­tion? (8)

3/4 Who played Sandy in the 1978 film Grease? (6,6-4) 5 What is the ar­range­ment of slots in which the gear lever of a mo­tor ve­hi­cle moves? (4)

6 What ev­ery­day items be­gan in­ad­ver­tently as a sales­man’s silk-bound sam­ples? (3,4)

9 Which great US ath­lete did Hitler snub sup­pos­edly be­cause of his colour? (5,5)

11 Where did Mar­garet Thatcher sur­vive a bomb at­tack in 1984? (8)

12 What cot­ton cloth typ­i­cally has a checked pat­tern? (7) 14 Which astronomer of the early 1600s (Jo­hannes ___) for­mu­lated the three laws of plan­e­tary mo­tion, still valid to­day? (6)

16 Which char­ac­ter has a bell on his hat and drives a Mor­ris Mi­nor con­vert­ible? (5)

17 Which of the Mar­i­ana Is­lands is a ter­ri­tory of the United States? (4)

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