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6 What is the most abun­dant el­e­ment in the uni­verse af­ter hy­dro­gen? (6)

7/10 Which writer’s 2007 knight­hood up­set the Mus­lim world? (6,7)

11 What killed King Harold at the Bat­tle of Hast­ings? (5) 12 Which dif­fi­cult-to-play in­stru­ment has been satirised as “the ill wind that no one blows good”? (4)

13 What is the cap­i­tal of Jor­dan? (5)

16 What is a mil­i­tary group hold­ing power af­ter a rev­o­lu­tion? (5)

17 What on sparkling wine in­di­cates “very dry”? (4) 20 What is the open­ing in the cen­tre of the iris of the eye? (5)

21 Which Nash car model of the early 1950s was con­sid­ered to be the first US com­pact car? (7)

22 What herb with feath­ery leaves is also known as mil­foil? (6)

23 Who is the Norse god­dess of mar­ried love? (6)


1 What is art of cre­at­ing and ar­rang­ing dances or bal­lets? (12)

2 Which city vis­ited by Daniel De­foe in 1727 did he de­scribe as “the clean­est and beau­ti­fullest and best built city in Bri­tain, Lon­don ex­cepted”? (7)

3 What leather has a soft napped sur­face? (5) 4 Which son of Sir Lancelot found the Holy Grail? (7) 5 What is the dark­est part of a shadow? (5)

8 What was New York for­merly called? (3,9)

9 Which union in the US in­cludes lorry driv­ers, chauf­feurs, and ware­house work­ers? (9)

14 What is a ver­ti­cal bar be­tween the panes of a win­dow? (7)

15 What is a group of three re­lated nov­els, plays, films, etc? (7)

18 What is per­formed at La Scala in Mi­lan? (5)

19 What dark gran­u­lar corun­dum is used for grind­ing and pol­ish­ing? (5)

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