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6 Who was raised by Karla the ape? (6) 7 Un­til 1945, what was the state re­li­gion of Ja­pan? (6) 10 Which Sir Wal­ter Scott novel was pub­lished in 1819? (7) 11 Which Euro­pean river orig­i­nates from a glacier of the same name? (5) 12 What are sec­tions of play in a bowls match? (4) 13 What is an en­clo­sure for live­stock in south­ern Africa? (5) 16 What make of car con­sis­tently leads the world for safety fea­tures? (5) 17 What is a ship’s small rowing boat? (4) 20 Which Greek slave is the sup­posed col­lec­tor of pop­u­lar animal fables? (5) 21 What is the paint­ing tech­nique where paint is ap­plied thickly, with brush or pal­ette knife marks vis­i­ble? (7) 22 What drink is a mix­ture of beer and lemon­ade? (6) 23 What animal is a Pan­thera onca? (6)


1 Chartres Cathe­dral in France is famed for what par­tic­u­lar fea­ture? (7,5) 2 Where in Florida is Walt Disney World? (7) 3 Which French com­pany dom­i­nated the world mo­tion pic­ture mar­ket in the early 20th Cen­tury? (5) 4 Which fa­mous race­horse was kid­napped in Ire­land? (7) 5 Which diplo­mat ranks between am­bas­sador and chargé d’af­faires? (5) 8 In which TV com­edy se­ries did Lynda Baron play a district nurse pur­sued by an amorous gro­cer? (4,3,5) 9 “Di­vorced, be­headed, died; di­vorced, be­headed, sur­vived.” Whose six wives? (5,1,1,1,1) 14 Robert White­head in­vented what weapon in 1866? (7) 15 Who was the prime mover in the con­spir­acy against Julius Cae­sar? (7) 18 What is the pop­u­lar name of a gold fig­urine awarded an­nu­ally in the US film in­dus­try? (5) 19 A hal­berd com­bines a bat­tleaxe and a what? (5)

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