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1 Which song was Mario Lanza’s best-sell­ing hit? (2,2,4) 7 In 1705, J S Bach walked 370km to hear what in­stru­ment played? (5)

8 In 1969, the No­bel Prize cat­e­gories were ex­panded to in­clude what? (9)

9 What is the twenty-first let­ter of the Greek al­pha­bet? (3)

10 In Greek leg­end, which city was cap­tured us­ing a wooden horse? (4)

11 What is to ex­tract the essence of some­thing by boil­ing it? (6)

13 In 1978, 912 fol­low­ers of Jim Jones com­mit­ted mass sui­cide in which coun­try? (6)

14 In radio com­mu­ni­ca­tions, what is the code word for “S”? (6)

17 Which is the bright­est star in the sky? (6)

18 What is a shelter for cows? (4)

20 What are the raised fi­bres of vel­vet? (3)

22 Which scan­dal fea­tures in the book All the Pres­i­dent’s Men? (9)

23 Which leg­endary king had a golden touch? (5) 24 What is grant­ing, clas­si­fy­ing and cre­at­ing ar­mo­rial in­signia? (8)


1 Which port in Brit­tany, north-west France is also a naval base? (5)

2 What is the med­i­cal sci­ence con­cerned with the struc­ture and dis­ease of mus­cles? (7)

3 Which an­i­mal is “king of beasts”? (4)

4 What are heard in a capella per­for­mances? (6) 5 Where did the game of draughts orig­i­nate? (5)

6 Fort Wayne is in which US state? (7)

7 By what process does wa­ter move be­tween cells in a plant? (7)

12 Who (Julie ____) played a breast-bar­ing movie star in the 1981 film S O B ? (7)

13 Ellen Corby played which char­ac­ter in The Wal­tons on TV? (7)

15 What name for a fox is used in me­dieval tales and fa­bles? (7)

16 What is a cloth strip worn wound around the leg from an­kle to knee? (6)

17 Who was ap­pointed pot­ter to Ge­orge III in 1806? (5) 19 What grey­ish-black mineral is used in pow­dered form as an abra­sive and pol­isher? (5)

21 What plant fer­tiliser is also known as car­bamide? (4)

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