Nissin mG10

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“The high-pow­ered MG10 rep­re­sents the next gen­er­a­tion of Nissin zoom-head flash units, and is equipped with a Mi­croSD mem­ory card slot which en­ables users to eas­ily up­date the de­vice by them­selves. It can be used on-cam­era at­tached via a bracket, or off-cam­era with ei­ther on-board power or a sep­a­rate power pack. The mo­torised zoom head cov­ers 24mm to 200mm, with a wide-an­gle dif­fuser equiv­a­lent to 18mm. The met­ric guide num­ber is 80 at 200mm, and 47.5 at the 35mm zoom setting. Clev­erly, the zoom head de­taches to cre­ate a 165 joules flash head with dual LED mod­el­ling lamps and fan-forced cool­ing. Con­trolled by NAS (Nissin Air Sys­tem) with the Air 10s com­man­der, the MG10 has full-func­tion ca­pa­bil­ity with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fu­ji­film, Mi­cro Four Thirds and Leica TTL flash sys­tems.”

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