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These print times set by the iP8760 are based on the du­ra­tion of print head ac­tiv­ity and a USB con­nec­tion.

With smaller prints the dif­fer­ence be­tween the ‘Stan­dard’ and ‘High’ qual­ity set­tings may only be ap­par­ent by re­sort­ing to a mag­ni­fy­ing glass. This im­me­di­ately sug­gests that per­sonal pref­er­ences will play a part when print speeds and ex­tra ink con­sump­tion are con­sid­ered.

For ex­hi­bi­tion pur­poses where larger prints are re­quired, the ‘High’ qual­ity set­ting de­liv­ers no­tice­ably bet­ter res­o­lu­tion and colour sat­u­ra­tion.

De­pend­ing on the pa­per type se­lected, if the de­fault of ‘Level Three’ against ‘High’ can be moved to the higher res­o­lu­tion of ‘Level Two’ then all the bet­ter. The only pa­per type to al­low the finest level of ‘Level One’ to be es­tab­lished is Canon’s Plat­inum Pro. As pricey as this pa­per may be, it cer­tainly is the pick of the glossies.

Run­ning heavy­weight pa­per through a ba­sic printer with a max­i­mum pa­per han­dling rat­ing of around 300 gsm is not com­mon prac­tice. So it was in­ter­est­ing to see if a 330 gsm pa­per could be ac­com­mo­dated. The pa­per was Moab dual-sided semi-gloss 330 (which isn’t cur­rently avail­able in Aus­tralia), and the printer didn’t hes­i­tate in ac­cept­ing it.

Us­ing the ‘Stan­dard’ qual­ity set­ting a hand­some book was cre­ated with crisp Gara­mond text down to eight-point. If try­ing to em­u­late the pages of a com­mer­cially pro­duced fine-art cof­fee ta­ble book is the aim – and with no gloss dif­fer­en­tial or bronz­ing – then the Moab pa­per and the iP8760 are a top com­bi­na­tion.

In many re­spects, this printer could be used as a ded­i­cated D-I-Y book-maker, es­pe­cially on dual-sided gloss and semi-gloss pa­pers. It cer­tainly is eco­nom­i­cal to run, prints quickly, has 100-year rated inks and de­liv­ers bright, ac­cu­rate colour. If any con­fir­ma­tion is re­quired it’s worth not­ing that the gi­ant Canon Dream Labo com­mer­cial book printer also utilises the ‘Chro­ma­l­ife 100+’ inks.

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