Lava!’ We saw some lava; ac­tu­ally, we went in the

Col­binab­bin Pri­mary School house the Hop­pers.

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ON MON­DAY, Septem­ber 17 our fan­tas­tic MARC Van teacher Fiona Smith or­gan­ised the Lit­er­acy Day for a range of small schools at the Kyabram Fauna Park. Stu­dents ro­tated through ac­tiv­i­ties in­clud­ing Bush Po­etry with Mick Coven­try (see some below) and they had the chance to hear how au­thor Trace Balla goes about cre­at­ing her sto­ries. Bush Po­etry by Macey Ryan Aus­tralia is…. The place to be It is sur­rounded by the sea There is heaps of buzzing bees All around the gum trees And ev­ery­one gets dirty knees When my mum calls in for tea We all must say please Bush Po­etry by Adam Ali Aus­tralia is…. A kan­ga­roo And a pink galah Drove a rusty car It went so far And they crashed in a big jar Mel­bourne Mu­seum/iMax Re­port by Ruth - Prep WE HAD to go to school early be­cause we went to Mel­bourne. When we got there, we had a quick snack. Then we went to the iMax theatre. We watched Live Africa. We saw a snake. It hid in the sand. The snake waited for an an­i­mal to come. An an­i­mal came but the snake did not get it. We saw a croc­o­dile. An­i­mals were drink­ing wa­ter, but the croc­o­dile scared them. Some got pulled into the wa­ter. We had to put some glasses on. After the iMax theatre we went to the Mu­seum. We saw di­nosaur bones and we looked through some things. When we looked through them, we saw di­nosaurs. The di­nosaurs were alive. We saw but­ter­flies and a bee too. We saw ants and a snake too. We saw some spi­ders and we saw some crys­tals too. We saw stuffed an­i­mals. We saw a kan­ga­roo and an os­trich and we saw a lion too. After we went to the Mu­seum, we went to where Mrs Ma­cLean works. When we saw Mrs Ma­cLean we rode in a trol­ley. The preps sat on it. Ev­ery­one else stood. We went on a lift and we went down steps. Then we went out­side and had a photo. We put our bags on the ground. Mr Al­ley took a pic­ture of us. Then we got our bags. Then we went home on the bus. On the way home, I had a sleep. Then I woke up. Then we were at school. Dad picked me up. Re­port by Wil­liam - Prep WE WENT to the iMax theatre. We saw flamin­gos and moun­tain mon­keys. We saw some lava; ac­tu­ally, we went in the lava! We saw or­ange and black leaves dis­in­te­grat­ing. We saw a wa­ter­fall. The man dropped the cam­era into the wa­ter­fall. We saw a lizard. The lizard had a way of not burn­ing his feet. He lifted his feet up. He thought the snake’s tail was a grub. He got away.

We went to the Mu­seum. We saw crys­tals and we went to an­other three-D ex­hibit – there was a vol­cano. It was big­ger than Mount Ever­est. It showed the lava run­ning down the moun­tain. I thought it was go­ing to get me. We saw di­nosaur bones. They were re­ally, re­ally big. We saw a bron­tosaurus. It was huge. We saw a roller­coaster. We did not have to wear the glasses. We saw lots and lots of stuffed an­i­mals. There was a com­puter thingy that we could see out of. We could see the an­i­mals up close. The rhi­noc­eros is my favourite. Then we went to Mrs Ma­cLean. We went un­der­ground. We saw a train – it was ac­tu­ally wood on wheels. We went into the meet­ing room.

Mem­bers of the Ducks house.

Jake Pa­trick and a furry friend.

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