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COLIBAN Wa­ter is re­mind­ing cus­tomers to use wa­ter wisely this sum­mer and to fol­low the per­ma­nent wa­ter sav­ing rules in place.

Steve Healy, Coliban Wa­ter re­gional live­abil­ity man­ager, said it had been a dry spring but the Coliban River catch­ment stor­ages, near Kyne­ton, were in a good po­si­tion go­ing into the peak sum­mer de­mand pe­riod.

“Malms­bury, Lau­ris­ton and Up­per Coliban reser­voirs are cur­rently at 80 per cent with a com­bined vol­ume of 55,805 me­gal­itres,’’ he said.

“This spring we had 120 mil­lime­tres of rain at our Malms­bury Reser­voir, which is around 40 per cent less than our long-term av­er­age.

“Our in­flow for spring was 5439 me­gal­itres, which is around 80 per cent less than our longterm av­er­age and around 54 per cent less than we re­ceived for the same pe­riod last year.

“Although our catch­ment in­flows are low, we have been man­ag­ing our wa­ter re­sources for dry con­di­tions. Di­ver­si­fi­ca­tion of our sup­ply sys­tems give us greater ac­cess to wa­ter to en­sure we have sup­ply in store and cus­tomers can re­main on per­ma­nent wa­ter sav­ing rules.’’

Coliban Wa­ter has nine sep­a­rate wa­ter sup­ply sys­tems across the re­gion, each with dif­fer­ent sup­ply source and level of wa­ter se­cu­rity which are all re­liant on rain­fall over win­ter and spring.

All towns in the Coliban Wa­ter re­gion are on per­ma­nent wa­ter sav­ing rules and ru­ral cus­tomers have ac­cess to 100 per cent of their li­cence vol­ume for this sea­son.

“These rules are five key wa­ter sav­ing rules to en­sure we use wa­ter ef­fi­ciently and con­serve it for the fu­ture,’’ he said.

“The rules are easy to fol­low. The main ones are to use a leak-free hose fit­ted with a trig­ger noz­zle and only use wa­ter­ing sys­tems be­tween 6pm and 10am on any day.”

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