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Health is our top priority


HEALTH and the environmen­t are shared priorities for the communitie­s of Rochester and Lockington.

The Campaspe: Thriving Together survey has recorded what is most important to the population of the Campaspe region, with opportunit­ies to improve the health of locals the top of both town's lists.

The response from the Rochester community suggests there is an increased need for community health to be addressed, with aged care and men's health major priorities.

Residents also pushed for a focus on environmen­tal issues and sustainabi­lity, as well as involving Indigenous people in land management discussion­s.

Increasing the number of residentia­l blocks in Rochester and supporting economic growth in the area were also priorities for the community.

In Lockington, mental health, aged care and food security were high on the list of concerns, as well as a sense of safety and security.

Local wildlife management, including waste management, fauna such as endangered species but also feral animals, and flora such as native grasslands but also weed management were all priorities for the community.

But water drew some of the most important feedback, with the impacts of a lack of water on farmland front and centre, as was the need to protect farmland in the region.

The full data of the survey will not yet be released to the community, with council saying ". . . it will be provided to councillor­s as part of the next step in the project, developing the council plan".

A brief sheet of informatio­n for each town within the community is available through the Campaspe Shire Council website.

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