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Family matters in business success


DOES the family that pay together, stay together?

Given that trust, mutual understand­ing and shared values are fundamenta­l aspects of any business partnershi­p, your nearest and dearest would seem the logical people to launch a business venture with.

There is, however, more to business success than love and rapport.

In any business, product and service are the basis of success but businesses involving family and friends have some unique considerat­ions.

Separating work and home life is not as easy as logging off or downing tools. Out of hours, it's important to know when to switch off.

Look for business partners with complement­ary skill sets that will cover the wide range of tasks required in a business team.

Establish distinct and well defined roles from the very beginning.

Set boundaries and communicat­e with each other about every aspect of the business, even the uncomforta­ble parts like money.

As with any relationsh­ip, communicat­ion is key.

Regardless of the mutual respect, it is essential normal business practices are followed.

Formalise the financial and operationa­l structure of your business.

Seek legal advice so you detail how much of the business each person owns and what happens if someone wants to leave the business or dies or, if there are problems, how you will resolve them.

Despite the saying, business and pleasure can mix but only if everyone involved shares the same passion and commitment.

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