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Get assistance outside NDIS


PEOPLE with disability in WA who are not eligible to become participan­ts of the National Disability Insurance Scheme may still be able to benefit from other support services.

As people continue to access the scheme in WA, APM Communitie­s is helping link people with disability, carers and family members with additional support services which do not require NDIS access.

APM Communitie­s has been selected to deliver the NDIS Partners in the Community services in areas including Fremantle, Success and Armadale.

As well as helping people with disability access and understand the NDIS, APM Communitie­s’ local area co-ordinators – known as LACS – are also able to assist individual­s with a disability or health condition to get support from community and mainstream services to improve their independen­ce and quality of life.

“Our teams help NDIS participan­ts and people with disability who for whatever reason may not be eligible for the scheme but could still benefit from support,” APM Communitie­s general manager Jason Diederich said.

“We’re working with community and mainstream services, as well as NDIS funded supports, to ensure people in WA who need help with their disability can access the support they need.

“This may be as simple as linking someone in with a community health service through the local council, or it can be assisting families and individual­s with more complex needs through a local social worker to assist in how they manage their day-to-day lives.

“When someone comes to one of APM Communitie­s branches or gives us a call, our priority is helping them identify the best support for them, which includes making it as easy as possible for them to access.”

As part of the support, Mr Diederich said APM Communitie­s worked closely with local groups and businesses to promote services and build opportunit­ies for people with disability.

APM will be conducting free community events for people with disability, carers and families.

Visit ndis/events.

For more informatio­n about accessing support for people with disability, or to speak to APM Communitie­s about a service your business or organisati­on can provide, call 1300 276 522 or email lac@apm.

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