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All sports have rules to keep par­tic­i­pants safe, and fish­ing is no dif­fer­ent. Young an­glers start­ing their fish­ing ad­ven­tures should be sure to fol­low these tips: Never go fish­ing with­out sun­screen, sun pro­tec­tive cloth­ing and a hat. Learn to swim. The stronger a swim­mer you are, the safer you’ll be around wa­ter. Never go fish­ing alone. Even when you’re with an adult or friend, al­ways make sure some­one knows where you’re go­ing and for how long.

Check and re­spect the weather fore­cast. Ac­ci­dents hap­pen when you’re care­less or muck­ing around (and you might miss the bite!). Be care­ful with hooks and knives; they’re for catch­ing fish, not peo­ple. Take all your gear and rub­bish, and leave all fish­ing spots the same, or cleaner, than you found them.

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