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The de­sign­ers are clear that you should first test-fit the BOG OUT in the safety of your own front yard. This is be­cause of the vari­abil­i­ties in rim pro­file, tyre size and brake de­sign.

The BOG OUT will fit on tyres that have a tyre width of be­tween 165 and 345mm as the knots have to be on the tyre wall for it to work (and not slip off), which is fine as this cov­ers most tyre sizes. Of note how­ever, is that Method 1 as shown on the pack­ag­ing will suit 85 per cent of ve­hi­cle makes and mod­els whilst Method 2 can be utilised on all makes and mod­els. This is be­cause of the de­sign and fitting of brake com­po­nents.

So un­less you want to be stranded some­where with a ve­hi­cle that has been re­cov­ered but now has no brakes, it pays to test and ad­just in the safety of your own home first.

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