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The gumboot is a staple in many people’s wardrobes. Although they are perfect for a variety of activities — gardening, camping, traipsing through the mud — it can be difficult to find ones that fit and are comfortabl­e.

Founded in 2013, Merry People is changing this. Made with natural rubber and neoprene lining, Merry people are designed with arch support for the utmost comfort. These lowmainten­ance gumboots are 100% waterproof, can be cleaned with just a wipe of a cloth and have the added benefit of being stylish enough to wear anywhere.

For the ethically conscious, these boots are vegan and are made at a factory that is regularly visited during production times to ensure working conditions and product quality is up to standard.

Merry Boots are available in five different colours, and they have options for kids.

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