1. Ocea­nia is a group of coun­tries and ter­ri­to­ries in which ocean?

2. Af­ter a 40-year ban, which coun­try re­cently per­mit­ted the open­ing of a com­mer­cial cin­ema (a) Is­rael (b) Saudi Ara­bia (c) Ukraine?

3. How many Aus­tralians fin­ished in the top three places in the 2017 women’s world surf­ing cham­pi­onship?

4. In Cel­sius, what is the equiv­a­lent of 212 de­grees Fahren­heit (a) 0 de­grees (b) 100 de­grees (c) 200 de­grees?

5. In 1856, the eight-hour day in Aus­tralia was first awarded to (a) brew­ery work­ers (b) car­pen­ters (c) stone­ma­sons?

6. With its re­cent 636th episode, which an­i­mated TV show sur­passed Gun­smoke with the most episodes of a prime-time scripted se­ries?

7. Com­ments such as “they’re so dumb”, “dis­gust­ing clowns” and “I’ve got a re­ally good doc­tor you could go to that could fix your ugly face” led to the re­cent dump­ing of two con­tes­tants on which TV cook­ing show?

8. Which two net­works re­cently signed a six-year $1.2 bil­lion deal to tele­vise Aus­tralian cricket?

9. Dy­ing re­cently at the age of 92 was which 1980s–90s US First Lady?

10. Revered as the foun­da­tion site of the Aus­tralian La­bor Party, the Tree of Knowl­edge is in which Queens­land town?

11. NRL chief Todd Green­berg re­cently said which Bron­cos’ con­tract would not be re­newed un­less it in­cluded a com­pen­sa­tion pack­age for the vic­tims of his New York ram­page?

12. In which coun­try are the most (about 820) “first lan­guages” spo­ken (a) China (b) Pa­pua New Guinea (c) USA?

13. The town of Bat­tle, Eng­land, was the scene of which 1066 con­flict?

14. Which team won the 2017-18 W-League grand fi­nal (a) Bris­bane Roar (b) Mel­bourne Vic­tory (c) Syd­ney FC?

15. In which coun­try were up to 16,000 strik­ing nurses re­cently sacked (a) Fiji (b) New Zealand (c) Zim­babwe?

16. The bank­ing royal com­mis­sion re­cently heard that which bank charged dead clients for fi­nan­cial ad­vice, in one case for a decade?

17. Which Mel­bourne casino was re­cently fined $300,000 over the tam­per­ing of poker ma­chines?

18. Last year, the Aus­tralian Rugby Union changed its name to what?

19. The lead­ers of which two coun­tries re­cently shook hands in a de­mar­ca­tion zone be­tween their two coun­tries?

20. Par­adise Point is in which Aus­tralian state/ter­ri­tory?

21. Name the four houses at the Hog­warts school in the Harry Pot­ter sto­ries.

22. What are the three given names of the new son of the Duke and Duchess of Cam­bridge?


1. Pa­cific Ocean. 2. (b) Saudi Ara­bia. 3. Three (Tyler Wright, Stephanie Gil­more, Sally Fitzgib­bons). 4. (b) 100 de­grees. 5. (c) stone­ma­sons. 6. The Simp­sons. 7. My Kitchen Rules. 8. Seven Net­work, Fox Sports. 9. Bar­bara Bush. 10. Bar­cal­dine. 11. Matt Lodge. 12. (b) Pa­pua New Guinea. 13. Bat­tle of Hast­ings. 14. (b) Mel­bourne Vic­tory. 15. (c) Zim­babwe. 16. Com­mon­wealth Bank. 17. Crown. 18. Rugby Aus­tralia. 19. North Korea, South Korea. 20. Queens­land. 21. Gryffindor, Huf­flepuff, Raven­claw, Slytherin. 22. Louis Arthur Charles.

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