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Rose­mark al­pacas get pam­pered

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IT WAS time for the al­pacas at Rose­mark Stud at Woowoonga to line up for their an­nual hair­cut on Satur­day.

For an added bonus, the woolly crea­tures were also vac­ci­nated and had their toe­nails trimmed.

Rose­mark’s Tr­ish Wright said while the toe­nails and vac­ci­na­tions needed to be done more than once a year, shear­ing time was a great time to do them as the an­i­mals were re­strained.

This year, Mark and Tr­ish Wright con­tracted Elkins Shear­ing from New South Wales.

Also in an­other first, the shear­ers used a ta­ble and placed the an­i­mals on their side to be shorn.

Mrs Wright said us­ing a ta­ble could make life eas­ier on the shearer’s back.

“It does have a draw­back if you have larger an­i­mals, the stretch-out is lim­ited by the size of the ta­ble,” she said.

“The shearer also has to have a larger ve­hi­cle to trans­port their equip­ment.”

As the al­pacas are shorn, the fleece is put in var­i­ous bags.

Mrs Wright said the sam­ples in the small bags were sent away to be tested for fine­ness/mi­cron and length.

“This helps de­ter­mine the qual­ity of the fleece,” she said.

“The prime/sad­dle fleece is bagged sep­a­rately.

“This is the stuff that the spin­ners love to buy and use in their crafts.”

Mrs Wright said they sold the ma­jor­ity of our pri­mary fleece to spin­ners.

“Some of the fleece is pre-sold be­fore the an­i­mals are shorn,” she said.

“The neck fleece is then put into a sec­ond bag.

“This is good for felt­ing or stuff­ing.

“It makes a com­fort­able pil­low stuff­ing.

“Even the legs and scrap fleece can be utilised, for mulch in the garden or stuff­ing.”


SHEAR­ING TIME: It’s all hands on deck at shear­ing time at Rose­mark Al­paca Farm on Satur­day.

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