Driv­ing Gayn­dah Mount Perry Road

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BE­ING new to the area, I never re­ally un­der­stood what all the fuss was about the road out to Mingo Cross­ing and to Mount Perry, how­ever that all changed last week­end.

Last week­end I was driv­ing out to Mount Perry to have a look at the art gallery when I hit some loose gravel with my car.

What hap­pened next was one of the scari­est ex­pe­ri­ences I have had in my life.

I com­pletely lost con­trol of my car as I be­gan to slide from one side of the road to the other.

I had never been in this po­si­tion be­fore, but I was lucky that my par­ents had taught me what to do if this ever hap­pened.

So I knew not to slam on the break or try to over­cor­rect my steer­ing.

I sim­ply tried to slow down the car enough and do any­thing I could to keep it on the road as the last thing I wanted was to hit any­thing.

I was ex­tremely lucky that I man­aged to keep my car on the road.

The bit that scared me the most out of the whole ex­pe­ri­ence was that I wasn’t go­ing fast, I sim­ply hit the wrong piece of gravel and I re­alised this could hap­pen to any­one.

What hap­pens if next time it is a young driver like my­self who wasn’t taught what to do by their par­ents?

What would have hap­pened to me if I didn’t man­age to keep my car on the road?

I am so lucky I wasn’t just an­other statis­tic.

Some­thing more needs to be done about the road and now is our time to speak up by writ­ing to or email­ing Mark Bai­ley.

I hope we can cre­ate this change be­fore there is an­other statis­tic on that road.

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