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CHARBRAY feeder steers sold to $1595 on Mon­day, De­cem­ber 3, when Bur­nett Live­stock & Re­alty held its last meat­works and store sale for 2018.

The yard­ing of 1799 head on a very hot day saw a tougher mar­ket.

Qual­ity cat­tle re­ally shone above the plainer types, with qual­ity re­lated price vari­a­tions. Cat­tle were drawn from Theodore, Cal­liope, Eidsvold, Monto, Mun­dub­bera, Gayn­dah, Pros­ton, Gympie, Bororen and Mary­bor­ough,

Four and six-tooth grey brah­man heifers from Gayn­dah sold for 278c/kg or $1377. Drought­mas­ter two to six-tooth heifers from Mun­dub­bera sold for 278c/kg or $1479. Four-tooth bran­gus heifers from Gaeta sold for 280c/kg or $1429.

Charo­lais cows from Theodore sold for 254c/kg or $1957. Grey brah­man cows from Gayn­dah sold for 248c/kg or $1439. Drought­mas­ter cows from Mun­dub­bera sold for 244c/kg or $1347.

Red brah­man cows from Brooweeena sold for 245c/kg or $1397.

Bran­gus cows from Gaeta sold for 246c/kg or $1440. Drought­mas­ter cows from Biggen­den made 248c/kg or $1191. Drought­mas­ter cows from Dal­larnil sold for 253c/$1493. Heavy bulls topped at 268c/$2762–1030kg.

Milk and two-tooth charbray steers from Wallav­ille sold for 310c/$1595. Milk and two-tooth charbray steers from Her­vey Bay sold for 311c/$1497.

Milk and two-tooth charbray steers from Biggen­den sold for 305c/$1193.

Milk and twotooth drought­mas­ter steers from Childers sold for 295c/$1243. Milk and two-tooth an­gus steers from Mt Perry sold for 302c/$1258.

Milk to four-tooth santa gertrudis steers from Bund­aberg sold for 295c/$1253. Drought­mas­ter-cross weaner steers from Gayn­dah sold for 330c/$667.

Charbray weaner steers from Gaeta sold for 322c/$733. Cross­bred weaner steers from Eidsvold sold for 394c/$789. Bran­gus weaner steers from Gaeta sold for 286c/$621. Charo­lais-cross weaner steers from Wallav­ille sold for 290c/$613.

Bran­gus weaner steers from Bau­ple sold for 296c/$636. Cross­bred heifers from Theodore sold for 256c/$781. Mur­ray grey-cross heifers from Biggen­den sold for 258c/$839. An­gus-cross heifers from Bund­aberg sold for 246c/$902. Cross­bred heifers from Bin­jour sold for 264c/$898. Bran­gus heifers from Mun­dub­bera sold for 256c/$904. Brah­man-cross heifers from Gayn­dah sold for 258c/$811. Charbray weaner heifers sold for 257c/$524. Sim­men­tal-cross weaner heifers from Gayn­dah sold for 247c/$576. An­gus-cross weaner heifers from Mt Perry sold for 244c/$583. An­gus-cross weaner heifers from Pros­ton sold for 246c/$527. Drought­mas­ter-cross weaner heifers from Gayn­dah sold for 258c/$482.

Bran­gus weaner heifers from Gaeta sold for 250c/$737. The next Biggen­den store sale will be held on Mon­day, De­cem­ber 17. MURGON

THERE were 950 cat­tle yarded in Murgon on Tues­day for the fort­nightly liveweight sale. Ex­port cat­tle were eas­ier across the board.

Feeder types re­mained firm as did bet­ter lines of weaner steers and heifers.

The mar­ket for lesser-qual­ity lighter steers and heifers was tougher.

Cat­tle were drawn from Biloela, Mun­dub­bera, Mt Perry Coringa, Gayn­dah, Yar­ra­man, Nanango, Kin­garoy Kilki­van and lo­cally.

Heavy bulls sold to 260c/kg and $2336.

Bul­locks topped at 290c/kg for $1730.

Cows over 500kg sold to 235c/kg, av­er­ag­ing 227c/kg. Cows 400–500kg sold to 233c/kg.

Lighter cows topped at 210c/kg.

An­gus steers from Manyung sold to $1452 at 292c/kg. Drought­mas­ter steers from Crown­thorpe weigh­ing 401kg sold to 309c/kg and $1241. Wondai 421kg charo­lais steers sold for $1223 at 290c/kg. Kilki­van 455kg blonde steers sold for 290c/kg, re­turn­ing $1294. Mur­ray grey steers from Stonelands re­turned $1125 at 285c/kg and 395kg. Biloela 393kg brah­man-cross steers sold for $1104 and 283c/kg.

Two pens of drought-mas­ter­cross steers from Merl­wood sold for $1104 (283c/kg) and $846 (282c/kg). Nanango 320kg south devon-cross steers sold to 280c/kg to re­turn $900. Charbray steers from Tansey weigh­ing 257kg sold to 296c/kg and $761.

Lo­cal drought­mas­ter steers sold to $800 at 281c/kg. Braford-cross weaner steers from Mt Perry sold for $648 and 281c/kg.

Light bran­gus weaner steers form Bri­gooda sold to $554. Santa heifers, 387kg, from Goomeri sold to 258c/kg and $1000. Drought­mas­ter-cross heifers from Mon­dure weigh­ing 355kg sold to $914 at 257c/kg. Drought­mas­ter heifers, 340kg, from Goomeri sold for 254c/kg, re­turn­ing $866. An­gus heifers, 298kg, from Yar­ra­man sold for 245c/kg, re­turn­ing $731.

Braford heifers, 230kg, from Mt Perry sold for $579 at 250c/kg.

Few cows and calves were yarded, sell­ing to $1000. The last sale for 2018 will be held on Tues­day, De­cem­ber 18 at 8am.


BIGGEN­DEN SALE: Bur­nett Live­stock & Re­alty’s Lance Whi­taker with a pen of charbray milk and two-tooth steers on ac­count of the McMa­hon Fam­ily, Wallav­ille. The steers sold for 310.2c/kg or $1595/head.

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