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1. Last year, Egypt Sta­tion was which ex-Bea­tles first US num­ber one solo al­bum in 36 years?

2. The Bat­tle of Ver­dun oc­curred dur­ing (a) Amer­i­can Civil War (b) Viet­nam War (c) World War I?

3. Easter will oc­cur in which month this year?

4. The Bris­bane Cricket Ground is com­monly known by which name?

5. Which med­i­cal con­di­tion is caused by a block­age of the hol­low por­tion of the ap­pen­dix?

6. Which na­tional cap­i­tal is known as “the eter­nal city”?

7. “Xerox­ing” was once a com­mon term for per­form­ing which of­fice task?

8. Most of 2019 is the Chi­nese year of which an­i­mal?

9. In Cal­i­for­nia, in 2018 for the first time, a World Surf League tour event was held in which type of venue?

10. Syd­ney and which two na­tional capi­tals are be­tween 33 and 34 de­grees south lat­i­tude?

11. In 2018, Bris­bane Bron­cos winger Corey Oates mar­ried the daugh­ter of which former Bron­cos test cen­tre?

12. Who is the fed­eral trea­surer?

13. Is an av­o­cet a (a) bird (b) fruit (c) nu­clear mis­sile? 14. Ac­cord­ing to the say­ing, which ed­i­ble sub­stance is “from heaven”?

15. Which an­i­mals are used in a gymkhana event?

16. In which 2018 movie did Rowan Atkin­son play the only spy still ac­tive in Britain af­ter a hacker blows ev­ery­one else’s cover?

17. Which is the only Aus­tralian state flag with­out a white or yel­low cir­cle?

18. Who suc­ceeded Queen Vic­to­ria as British monarch?

19. Blue Jest was the win­ner of which 2018 iconic Queens­land Out­back horse race?

20. Sawmill Bay is in which Aus­tralian state/ter­ri­tory?

21. With the re­lease of Part­ners in 2014, who be­came the first to have a num­ber one al­bum in each of six decades?

22. Since 2002, who has been the only US ten­nis player with­out the sur­name Wil­liams to win a women’s grand sin­gles ti­tle?

23. What is the term for a num­ber which is di­vis­i­ble by the sum of its dig­its?

24. What is the two-word col­lo­quial term for the prac­tice of wide­spread tem­po­rary em­ploy­ment and the con­tract­ing of in­de­pen­dent work­ers for short-term work?

25. Which Eng­land all-rounder was re­port­edly called “Osama” by an Aus­tralian dur­ing the 2015 Ashes se­ries?

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