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TO USE an Aus­tralian say­ing: ‘I like to have a bitch or I’m in a bitchy mood’.

And what I’m on about is the per­son who thinks an act like steal­ing is okay.

Well, as most peo­ple will tell you, it’s not okay.

You may ask what they stole. In my case, my re­served wa­ter sup­ply: 9000L to be pre­cise. Yes, 9000L of wa­ter.

That places me in a sit­u­a­tion that I have to buy from the coun­cil that wa­ter which some­one thinks it’s their right to take.

I hope that the per­son or per­sons en­joy the wa­ter that they have stolen, be­cause sooner or later they will have to give an ac­count for their ac­tions.

On an­other point, how long does coun­cil think that they can keep putting the rates and other charges up?

They are tak­ing from peo­ple that are al­ready strug­gling to meet the cost of liv­ing in the shire of North Bur­nett.

Yes, we have to pay rates, but the way things are now with no jobs and a lot of pen­sions within the area, the coun­cil can­not keep milk­ing a dry cow (the peo­ple of this shire).

Halve the rates, sack 50 per cent of the coun­cil work­force and get the coun­cil work­ing like it should: and that is to bring in em­ploy­ment through busi­ness. — Evert Klaasen, Gayn­dah

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