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1 Which ocean earned its name by giv­ing ex­plorer Mag­el­lan a calm cross­ing? (7)

4 What is a trimmed tree trunk tossed in High­land games? (5)

7 Which city was for­merly named Chris­tia­nia, then Kris­tia­nia? (4)

8 Which world heavy­weight cham­pion boxer suc­cess­fully de­fended his ti­tle 25 times? (3,5)

10 What words from Shake­speare’s The Tam­ing of the Shrew are the ti­tle of a 1948 Cole Porter mu­si­cal? (4,2,4)

12 Whose 1969 drown­ing (__ __ Kopechne) led to se­na­tor Ted Kennedy ap­pear­ing in court? (4,2)

13 What does the Ger­man word Panzer mean? (6) 15 Which film by Wal­lace and Gromit’s cre­ator is set on a 1950s farm? (7,3)

18 Who reigned over France for 72 of his al­most 77 years? (5,1,1,1)

19 Which river is clos­est to Shake­speare’s birth­place? (4) 20 Large earthen­ware beer mug (5)

21 What is the cap­i­tal of Uganda? (7)


1 What word for cheap wine orig­i­nated in Aus­tralia, prob­a­bly a cor­rup­tion of the word blanc? (5)

2 What is the most com­mon man­i­fes­ta­tion of the her­pes virus? (4,4)

3 What pre­vent an air­craft’s wheels from mov­ing when parked? (6)

4 What de­scribes the abrupt com­plete ces­sa­tion of the use of an ad­dic­tive drug? (4,6)

5 Which snooker ball scores five points? (4)

6 What is a stealer of live­stock called? (7)

9 Who was the first Bri­tish woman to be granted a ground aero­plane en­gi­neer’s li­cence? (3,7)

11 What is the cap­i­tal of Liberia? (8)

12 Hit and span, ringtaw and moshie are vari­a­tions of what game? (7)

14 Who (Ja­cob __) man­u­fac­tured the first elec­tric ra­zors? (6)

16 What is a per­son skilled in nin­jutsu called? (5) 17 What word is ap­plied to a courier of il­le­gal drugs? (4)

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