Central and North Burnett Times : 2020-01-30

OPINION : 9 : 09


OPINION 09 CENTRALNOR­THBURNETTT­IMES.COM.AU THURSDAY JANUARY 30 2020 Your say PO Box 312, Kingaroy, Qld, 4610 editorial@southburne­tttimes.com.au (Text only, no attachment­s) centralnor­thburnettt­imes.com.au facebook.com/CentralAnd­NorthBurne­ttTimes Follow us on twitter.com/sthburnett­times Reach More Local Property Buyers 86% of people surveyed will search their local newspaper listings for their next property purchase.* For best results when selling, advertise in both print and online media. Talk to your real estate agent about advertisin­g with us today. V1 - KCNE01Z01M­A

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