Pets on hot roads

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RSPCA Qld is urg­ing peo­ple to take bet­ter care of their pets while on the road this sum­mer.

“Dogs can’t tell us when they’re in pain,” said RSPCA Qld spokesper­son Michael Beatty.

“A metal tray can heat up quickly and scorch dogs’ paws so metal floors of utes should be cov­ered with a sur­face such as rub­ber. If us­ing a metal cage to trans­port dogs they must en­sure it has a roof to pro­vide shade, and that the sides are well ven­ti­lated. Mesh should be used rather than solid ma­te­rial.

With scorch­ing tem­per­a­tures, since Jan­uary 1 this year, RSPCA Qld has re­ceived 170 complaints about dogs be­ing left in hot cars and 290 complaints re­gard­ing an­i­mals left with no shade, shel­ter and in some in­stances, no wa­ter.

Mr Beatty says a dog can sur­vive for days with­out food, but in these tem­per­a­tures, if they don’t have shade or wa­ter they’ll die.

Po­ten­tially a per­son could be charged with an­i­mal cru­elty. T

If you see an an­i­mal in dis­tress, con­tact the RSPCA’s 24/7 An­i­mal Emer­gency Hot­line 1300 AN­I­MAL.


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