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6 What is the name of the is­land with a per­fect so­ci­ety in Sir Thomas More’s 1516 po­lit­i­cal ro­mance? (6)

7 Who did An­drew Sachs play in Fawlty Tow­ers? (6)

10 Which pas­toral el­egy by Mil­ton is con­sid­ered one of the finest in the English lan­guage? (7)

11 Which pe­tite Ice­landic singer had a solo al­bum in 1977 at age 10? (5)

12 What is the ninth let­ter of the Greek al­pha­bet? (4) 13 Her­ak­lion is the cap­i­tal of which Mediter­ranean is­land? (5)

16 What are com­po­nents in a hon­ey­comb called? (5) 17 In weav­ing, what are the cross­wise threads on a loom? (4)

20 In which coun­try was Sir Cliff Richard born? (5) 21 What is a tem­po­rary overnight en­camp­ment or shel­ter? (7)

22 Ban­jul is the cap­i­tal of which West African coun­try? (6) 23 What unit of as­tro­nom­i­cal dis­tance is equal to about 3.25 light years? (6)


1 What is the sub­ject of Ernest Hem­ing­way’s book Death in the Af­ter­noon? (12)

2 The name of an Ir­ish land agent os­tracised in 1880 be­came what word in the English lan­guage? (7)

3 What is the squig­gly mark above some let­ters in Span­ish and other lan­guages called? (5)

4 Who was King of Scots from 1040 to 1057? (7) 5 What is a Ja­panese padded quilt, laid on the floor for use as a bed? (5)

8 What is the world’s high­est wa­ter body nav­i­ga­ble by large ves­sels? (4,8)

9 What in­stru­ment with a disc and pointer was for­merly used for ob­serv­ing the po­si­tion of ce­les­tial bod­ies? (9)

14 Which city in Is­rael was founded as a sub­urb of Jaffa by Rus­sian Jewish im­mi­grants in 1909? (3,4)

15 What is a gift of per­sonal prop­erty by will? (7)

18 Who was US pres­i­dent be­tween Washington and Jef­fer­son? (5)

19 Ad­jec­ti­vally, what is “of, re­lat­ing to or re­sem­bling a bird”? (5)

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