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1 Which TV se­ries’ theme song be­gins “Who do you think you are kid­ding Mr Hitler...”? (4,4)

7 In build­ing, what are thin strips of wood that form a frame­work for plas­ter? (5)

8 What name is given to a Scot­tish cleft cap with dan­gling rib­bons? (9)

9 What word comes from Old Norse for “snowshoe”? (3) 10 What is 90º right of north? (4)

11 Where did pain­ter Paul Gau­guin live from 1891? (6) 13 Which is­land do you as­so­ci­ate with TV’s Berg­erac? (6) 14 Which high-kick­ing dance be­came pop­u­lar in 1830s Paris? (6)

17 Which hot spiced curry dish is named af­ter a city in In­dia? (6)

18 What is the line be­hind which dart play­ers stand? (4) 20 Which ar­ti­fi­cial univer­sal lan­guage is based on Esperanto? (3)

22 What is a pub­lished col­lec­tion of se­lected lit­er­ary pas­sages? (9)

23 What is meat pre­pared as pre­scribed by Mus­lim law? (5)

24 Which English county bor­ders Devon and Dorset? (8)


1 In the US, what is a mother­less calf called? (5) 2 What is a wardrobe as­sis­tant for an ac­tor? (7)

3 Who (___ Pug) is a friend of Ru­pert Bear? (4) 4 What shore grass binds sand with its tough rhi­zomes? (6)

5 What name was given to the East Ger­man se­cret po­lice? (5)

6 What drug is com­monly used in the pre­ven­tion of heart at­tacks and strokes? (7)

7 “To­mor­row to fresh woods, and pas­tures new” ends which el­egy by John Mil­ton? (7)

12 What did FD Roo­sevelt call his 1933 plan for eco­nomic re­cov­ery? (3,4)

13 In the Bi­ble, the walls of which city fell down at the sound of Joshua’s trum­pets? (7)

15 A sav­age one-eyed gi­ant in Greek mythol­ogy (7) 16 What is a mil­i­tary pageant, usu­ally held at night? (6) 17 What is a con­tainer to give jelly a par­tic­u­lar shape? (5) 19 Which coun­try was ex­pelled from the Arab League in 1979 for sign­ing a peace treaty with Is­rael? (5)

21 Where is the film Three Coins in the Foun­tain set? (4)

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