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THERE were 650 cat­tle yarded at the fort­nightly sale on Tues­day.

Ex­port cat­tle eased slightly again. De­mand was strong for all store de­scrip­tions.

Bulls topped at to $2.75c/kg and $2460.

Bul­locks sold to $3.09c/kg and $1550.

Heavy cows over 500kg topped at $2.42 per kilo­gram and $1625, av­er­ag­ing $2.32c/kg. Cows 400 to 500kg sold to $2.45 per kilo­gram for a $2.21 av­er­age.

Lighter cows un­der 400kg topped at $2.06.

Ex­port heifers sold to $2.80 per kilo­gram and $1440. Cat­tle were drawn from Mun­dub­bera, Gayn­dah, Coringa, Kumbia, Durong, Nanango, Yar­ra­man, Kin­garoy and lo­cally.

Two pens of lo­cal santa steers av­er­ag­ing 397kg sold for an av­er­age of $1340 at $3.37c/kg. Two-tooth char­bray steers from Kumbia weighing 448kg sold for $2.82 c/kg and $1264. Char­bray steers from Coringa sold to $1159 at $3.50c/kg. Soft Euro-cross steers from Win­dera sold for $3.36 c/kg and $1217 with a weight of 362 kg. Sim­men­tal steers, 358kg, from Pros­ton sold for $3.28 c/kg to re­turn $1177. Two-tooth drought­mas­ter steers from Gayn­dah sold to $1276 at $3.25 c/kg. Charo­lais-cross weaner steers from Win­dera sold for $4.10c/kg and $838. Sim­men­tal-cross weaner steers ex Gayn­dah sold for $4.04 c/kg to re­turn $817. Char­bray weaner steers from Coringa sold for $1004 at $3.93c/kg.

Lo­cal an­gus-cross weaner steers sold to $900 at $3.78 c/kg. Sim­men­tal-cross heifers, 360kg, sold to $1066 and $2.96c/kg. Euro-cross heifers, 331kg, sold for $3.01 c/kg re­turn­ing $998. Red bran­gus heifers from Wondai sold for $1010 at $2.90c/kg.

Santa weaner heifers, 240kg, also from Wondai sold to $3.36c/kg for $810. Drought­mas­ter-cross weaner heifers sold to $784 at $3.20c/ kg. Sim­menta-cross weaner heifers from Gayn­dah sold for $3.46c/ kg and $682. Drought­mas­ter cows and calves sold to $1455.

The next Murgon sale is on Tues­day, May 5 at 8am.


COOLER days in Queens­land are pro­vid­ing favourable grow­ing con­di­tions for many fruits and veg­eta­bles at the Bris­bane Pro­duce Mar­ket this week. A wide range of new sea­son crunchy and juicy ap­ples are avail­able for your snack­ing needs. There are ex­cel­lent sup­plies of shep­ard av­o­ca­does with the hass va­ri­ety from Queens­land is just start­ing to ap­pear.

Other best buys this week in­clude pears, la­dyfin­ger ba­nanas from north­ern New South Wales, red crim­son grapes, plums and drag­on­fruit. While strawberri­es are in be­tween sea­son and blue­ber­ries are scarce, we have good sup­ply of bright red rasp­ber­ries from Ca­bool­ture. Lemons, limes, im­pe­rial man­darins from Gayn­dah and lo­cal new sea­son navel oranges from are avail­able in great sup­ply.

In­dulge your­self in bak­ing some orange muffins or lemon tarts sprin­kled with al­mond and but­ter. Seed­less wa­ter­mel­ons are eat­ing well, and rock­mel­ons are in good sup­ply.

It is quince sea­son. Closely re­lated to the ap­ple and pear, this yel­low skin and golden fleshed fruit is great for cre­at­ing jams and mar­malades. An­other ex­cit­ing item in sea­son is the ch­est­nut. Un­like other nuts, they are low in fat and high in car­bo­hy­drates. They can­not be eaten raw and are best cooked, boiled or roasted. For a flavour­ful din­ner cook chopped chest­nuts with pork mince and noo­dles and fin­ish up with a gar­nish of co­rian­der, lemon zest and chilli oil.

The pop­u­lar­ity of the cus­tard ap­ple has sky­rock­eted over re­cent year. Our favourite this week is the pink mam­moth va­ri­ety. This ex­otic fruit has a sweet taste sim­i­lar to that of a cooked pear and is the per­fect af­ter­noon snack. Once ripe the cus­tard ap­ple is best stored in the fridge.

There are good sup­plies of pomegranat­es this week. Look for pomegranat­es that are heav­ier to en­sure that the seed have the most juice. Its seeds can be used as dessert toppings, and its pulp can be pressed to make a juice. This juice can be used to make jel­lies, salad dress­ings, and syrups. Leafy greens like let­tuce, spinach, spring onion, kale, rocket and sil­ver­beet are good value buys this week. There are good sup­plies of Asian veg­eta­bles, car­rots, wom­bok, egg­plants, okra, leeks, fen­nel and Le­banese cu­cum­bers. Both broc­coli and cauliflowe­r are eat­ing well but priced at pre­mium. Crunchy cap­sicum has started to come from North Queens­land, ex­pect sup­ply to in­crease in com­ing weeks. Now is the time to do some home cook­ing. Sweet pota­toes, pota­toes, onions and kent pump­kins are avail­able and are the per­fect base for soups, casseroles and home cooked meals.

If you are look­ing to add ver­sa­tile veg­eta­bles to your bas­ket then zuc­chini should be one of them as they are in great sup­ply and the qual­ity is good. This week’s top pick is kent pump­kins from the Lock­yer Val­ley. Se­lect a round shaped pump­kin with a mot­tled green, yel­low skin and a golden flesh that gives a hol­low sound when knocked.

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