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1 Who was the first man to win a Grand Prix in a car that he de­signed? (4,7)

8 Which falls in­cor­po­rate the Horse­shoe and Amer­i­can Falls? (7)

9 On what would you use a spin­naker? (5)

10 A sinis­tral per­son favours which side of the body? (4) 11 Be­fore WWII, which beau­ti­ful Euro­pean city was de­scribed as “the Florence on the Elbe”? (7)

12 Which huge New Zealand bird prob­a­bly died out in about 1500? (3)

13 Jakarta is the chief city on which is­land? (4)

15 What is US tele­vi­sion’s equiv­a­lent of the Os­car? (4) 17 Ac­cord­ing to some re­searchers, Cin­derella’s “glass” slip­per was prob­a­bly re­ally made of what? (3)

19 What part of Spain is named for its many cas­tles? (7) 20 4,840 square yards is one what? (4)

23 Which or­ches­tral in­stru­ment re­placed the vi­ola da gamba? (5)

24 Play­ers may not run with the ball in which seven-a-side game? (7)

25 Dorothea Brooke is the cen­tral char­ac­ter in which novel? (11)


1 What is now more of­ten called “rain for­est”? (6) 2 What is chopped hay and straw used as fod­der? (5) 3 Which an­i­mal is “ur­sine”? (4)

4 Who was first cousin, favourite dis­ci­ple and per­sonal at­ten­dant of the Bud­dha? (6)

5 An al­ler­gic re­ac­tion to pollen is called what? (8) 6 What sys­tem of road con­struc­tion was named af­ter its Scot­tish in­ven­tor? (7)

7 What is the sci­en­tific study of plants? (6)

12 What branch­ing pipe leads to and from a ve­hi­cle’s en­gine? (8)

14 In the Old Tes­ta­ment, who was caught by his hair in an oak tree and killed by his cousin? (7)

16 Aus­tralian wat­tle trees be­long to which genus? (6) 17 What plant’s leaves taste of aniseed? (6)

18 Hy­giea was the Greek god­dess of what? (6)

21 What item of fur­ni­ture is a carver? (5)

22 What is the small­est par­ti­cle of a chem­i­cal el­e­ment that can ex­ist? (4)

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